Former reality TV contestant Corey Thomas has now been named by the TMZ website as the third person in an alleged altercation which also included former Bellator fighter War Machine and porn star Christy Mack last Friday in Las Vegas.

Thomas, who made his $5 million fortune in the web design business, appeared on VH1 reality show ‘Megan Wants To Marry A Millionaire’ in 2011 where he was nicknamed, ‘The Hot Shot’.

He made it to the fourth episode of the show before it was cancelled after a dark turn of events when it emerged that one of the other contestants Ryan Jenkins was wanted by police for the suspected murder of his wife. Jenkins later committed suicide.

According to Mack’s account of last Friday’s assault, Thomas was a ‘friend’ who War Machine beat up and then told to leave after walking in on them “fully dressed” before then brutally assaulting her at her home in Las Vegas in the early hours of Friday morning.

However, War Machine’s brother Michael Koppenhaver yesterday gave a different version of events to, claiming that the fighter walked in to discover Thomas having sex with his girlfriend, resulting in an altercation occurring between them that escalated when Mack brandished a knife.

Regardless of which version of events proves to be true, TMZ reports that Thomas was left with a broken nose, two black eyes and a bite mark as a result of the incident.

Compared to Mack he appears to have gotten off lightly as she is currently in hospital recovering from multiple broken bones in her face, broken teeth, a broken nose, fractured lip, ruptured liver and knife wounds.

Police are still hunting for War Machine today after issuing seven warrants for his arrest in relation to the incident.

Among those now believed to be searching for him is another reality TV star and professional bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman who says he’s been using his contacts in the MMA industry to help track down the fighter.

In an odd quirk of fate that means there’s now three reality TV stars caught up in this incident since War Machine himself originally came to light as a contestant on the sixth season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ show.


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