Conor McGregor is rapidly becoming a global superstar, to the extent that even living legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger are signing his praises.

“Conor is one of the greatest athletes probably of all time,” Arnie said during an interview to promote his upcoming Genisys movie. “He has the right combination of the mind and the body and the talent. The two are connected so well with him, which I think is so important in athletics, that you believe 100% in your victory.”

Schwarzenegger even likened McGregor to himself in his younger days as a bodybuilding champion before he became an action-movie hero.

“He reminds of me a little bit of the way I always was when I grew up in bodybuilding. The only way you get noticed was if you say outrageous things, and he does that to get noticed.

“And because of that, because he’s a great fighter and because of his personality, he is now becoming the hottest ticket. His fights will be sold out everywhere and he will have the highest viewership.”

McGregor has become friends with Schwarzenegger since the former Governer of California popped in to see him while he was rehabbing from a knee injury in 2013.

Later, Schwarzenegger chatted to the Irish sensation backstage at UFC 187 and more recently came to visit him at the Las Vegas mansion he’s been calling home during his training camp for UFC 189.