Watch Brock Lesnar Make His Return To The WWE Last Night

Brock Lesnar’s rumored appearance at Wrestlemania 28 didn’t take place on Sunday night, but the former UFC heavyweight champion did make a triumphant return to the WWE last night at ‘Monday Night Raw’.

The crowd seemed to lap it up despite the face that Lesnar returns somewhat with his tail between his legs after a couple of tough defeats in the MMA world that lead to him announcing his retirement from the sport at the end of the last year.

Lesnar has admitted in the past that he hated being on the road with the WWE due to the gruelling schedule that they keep throughout the year, but it’s believed that his new 1 year deal allows him to do only a few shows a year so it seems like a good deal for him to make some money now that his “real fighting” days are over.

Check it out below.


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