Jon Jones allged hit-and-run incident in Alberqueque back in April is back in the news again as new extended police footage from the aftermath of the incident along with a 911 call has been released.

The 911 caller happened to be on the phone giving a detailed description of the scene when she spotted a man, alleged to be Jones, suddenly getting out of his SUV and running away, vaulting fences as he heads towards a gated community in the distance.

Meanwhile the video footage, taken from the body-cam of a police officer, shows the process of identifying Jones via items found in his car (which included MMA gear, condoms, money and a marijuana pipe) as well as a brief interview with the victim, a pregnant lady who was later diagnosed with a broken arm as a result of the crash which changed Jones’ charge from a misdemeanor to a felony.

As a result of the incident Jones was suspended from the UFC, stripped of his light-heavyweight title and is currently waiting to stand trial where a guilty charge could potentially see him serving a prison sentence.

Watch the footage for yourselves below.