with his hit-and-run case now over and having avoided jail time, former UFC Light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones can now focus on the future once again and it seems that a return to the UFC is on the cards judging by an instagram video he posted after UFC 192 on Saturday night.

“Mmmmm, I think I miss it!” Jones exclaims to the camera with a broad smile on his face.

In typical Jones fashion he then then deleted the video from his account, as he did with another one in which he was seen simply nodding his head with a caption that read, “You showed some heart tonight, DC.”

So, after staying out of the spotlight for the past few months it appears that life is getting back to normal for the 28 year-old and according to UFC officials on Saturday night the promotion will be reviewing his indefinite suspension (handed down when his hit-and-run incident in Alberquerque first hit the news) in the coming week.

With that in mind it looks very likely that we we’ll be hearing about Jones return to the UFC to fight Cormier for the title soon.

Check out an archived version of Jones Instagram message below.