Watch Junior dos Santos Make A Young Boy’s Dream Come True By Flying Him From Brazil To UFC 146

During the last episode of ‘UFC Primetime’ Junior Dos Santos is seen in his training camp in Brazil talking to a nine year old fan, Breno Ferreira who wanted to see him fight at UFC 146 in Las Vegas.

The champion says he’ll see what he can do, and sure enough he made his dream come true by flying him to the U.S for the fight.

In a new video released by the UFC the whole story of the visit is documented, and we get to see just how big a deal this is for young Breno, who lives in a rundown shack in a favella and had never been out of his own city.

Speaking to Yahoo! Sports after arriving in the U.S Breno said through a translator, “It’s just so exciting being here. Even to get to sit on an airplane was like a dream. I could see all things out of the window, big buildings and we were really high above them, flying like a dream. But I’m here to help Cigano defend his title.”

It’s certainly a heart-warming tale and you can watch it for yourselves below.


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