Bethe Correia was all kinds of fired up during a staredown in her native Brazil with UFC superstar Ronda Rousey yesterday ahead of their woman’s bantamweight title fight at UFC 190 this weekend.

The amped up Correia got right up in Rousey’s face talking all kinds of trash in front of the media, with reports from the scene in Rio De Janeiro suggesting that she had told her rival that she was going to knock her out on Saturday night.

“I’ll beat you up,” an english translation of what Correia said reads. “I’ll put my fist in your face. I will knock you out.”

As you’ll see for yourselves in the video below, Rousey remained both unmoved and unphased in direct contrast to Correia’s intense, hyperactive outburst, not reacting with the kind of venom we’ve seen from her in her past encounters with Miesha Tate.

It’s up for debate whether that means she has less animosity for Correia despite some of the deeply personal things the Brazilian has had to say about her in recent months, or if it’s simply that the champion is riding so high on confidence after defeating her last three opponents in a combined time of less than two minutes that she just doesn’t care what Corriea says or does.