Yancy Medeiros TKO’s Erick Silva In Second Round At UFC 212

Yancy Medeiros got the better of Erick Silva in a competitive striking battle at UFC 212 tonight in Rio, resulting in a second round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Madeiros starts with a jab. Low kick for him now off a punch. Now he lands a body kick and then misses with a spinning kick to the midsection shortly afterwards.

Silva misses a body kick. High kick attempt for the Brazilian. Suddenly Silva sinks to the mat, perhaps hurt by something, but he quickly gets back up.

Silva seems ok on his feet and lands a solid leg kick. Madeiros with a spinning backfist. Solid right hand for madeiros. Now a right hand in return from Silva.

Spinning back kick to the body for the Brazilian. Punch from Silva gets Madeiros’ attention and then a blow to the body.

Madeiros returning fire now. He lands a kick that sends Silva backwards. Chopping leg kick from Silva. Body kick for Madeiros off a couple of punches.

Another hard low kick for Silva. He tries to go upstairs with one that’s blocked. Another leg kick. Silva into the clinch and slams a knee upstairs that sends Madeiros staggering backwards onto the mat just for a moment, but he stands straight back up and shakes his head to indicate it didn’t hurt him as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Medeiros starts busy with punches and a spinning kick to the body. Silva back to landing that hard leg kick though. Medeiros misses with a loaded up right hand.

Another leg kick from Silva lands with a smack. Nice right hand from Medeiros. He misses an uppercut and gets caught with a punch from Silva.

Short flurry from Silva tags Medeiros repeatedly and then a kick. Then it’s Medeiros’ turn to go on the offensive and he lands an overhand right then a left hook that connects flush and floors his opponent!

Medeiros follows Silva down and continues to land punches. Silva is looking to adjust his position, but the referee doesn’t give him time to get out of this bad spot and instead calls an end to the fight at 2.01mins of the second round, much to the Brazilian’s frustration.

That definitely looked like a bit of a premature stoppage, but there’s no doubt Medeiros had Silva in deep trouble there after that big left hook.

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