Yoel Romero showed off his dominant wrestling tonight at UFC On FOX 11, manhandling Brad tavares as well as displaying solid stand-up to earn a decision victory and continue his progress up the middleweight ladder.

Round One:

Tavares with a two-piece combo to start. Tavares with a nice right hand in the next exchange. Early pressure coming from him in the opening minute.

Romero going for low kicks then leaps up with a front kick attempt that misses. He keeps coming forward though and seems to hurt Tavares with a left hand down the pipe, then just reaches down and effortlessly takes Tavares down.

Romero potentially looking for a submission, but Tavares gets back up. Romero’s still on him though and throws him back to the canvas in spectacular fashion.

Tavares back up and works towards the cage, but Romero’s still attached to his back with 2 minutes of the round remaining.

Tavares fighting hard to break free of this clinch, but having difficulty. Romero landing a few knees to the back of his legs and then mandhandles Tavares to the mat.

Back up they go again in the same position. COuple of knees from Romero, tries a takedown that doesn’t pay off and then Romero does break free and lands some nice strikes that have Romero backing up.

Not for long though and he gets another takedown shortly afterwards. Tavares trying to get on top himself, but it’s tough going against an elite wrestler like Romero. Romero yanks his arm, looking for a kimura attempt, but Tavares defends that as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Romero immediately into another takedown as the second round begins. He’s in side control and taking his time. Tavares does a good job of getting back up.

Romero lands a body kick and Tavares returns fire. Romero coming in and eats a left hand from his opponent. Tavares with a flurry of punches.

Tavares coming forward quickly now and gets met with a big elbow from Romero that may have opened a cut to the left side of his hairline.

Romero lands a left superman punch and then clinches up against the cage. Tavares defending and as they break for a second Romero cracks off a few punches, then gets back to the clinch.

Romero drags him to the mat, but Tavares works hard trying to return the favor and there’s a bit of a stalement as the both try to gain an advantage position. The referee wants them to work and they stand while still clinched, with Romero then going for another takedown.

Soon after they are back up and Tavares leaps in with a flying knee and Romero tries to counter with a punch.

Back to the clinch against the cage now initiated by Romero as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

They embrace in the middle of the Octagon and then get back to fighting. Tavares with the jab and Romero with a chopping leg kick to the knee.

Romero clinching against the cage again now and landing some knees. They break free with Tavares landing a hook on the way out. He also scores with a right hand soon after.

Tavares with a leg kick, then another. Tavares trying to push the pace a little here and Romero is taking his time, happy not to be leading the dance for a while.

Then suddenly Romero charges forward and gets Tavares down again. Tavares back up with Romero clinched to his back, but he swivels to his front against the cage.

Not much happening from the clinch so they are separated with a minute to go. Tavares not really landing anything to finish this fight, but he needs to. He tries a spinning kick, but it misses.

Romero with a nice left hand and then one final big takedown to finish the round.


No doubts about the winner here, Romero wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x3) to earn his fourth victory inside the UFC and hand Tavares his first loss in six fights.