Nicolas Dalby Wins Decision Over Alex Oliveira At UFC Fight Night 160

Nicolas Dalby gave the Danish fans plenty to cheer about tonight at UFC Fight Night 160 with a unanimous decision victory over Alex Oliveira.

Round One:

Oliveira with a low kick to start. Now he steps in and lands a right hand. Dalby with a leg kick now. Oliveira comes in with a left hand, but doesn’t connect.

Body kick for Dalby. Another leg kick for him too. Oliveira just misses with a counter right. Dalby trying a jumping knee that doesn’t pay off.

Missed front kick upstairs from Cowboy. Leg kick for Oliveira. Jab for Dalby. Spinning kick from Oliveira just whistles past his opponent’s head.

Spinning body kick from Dalby misses. Right hand lands for Oliveira. Dalby lands punches as Oliveira misses a counter hook on the back foot.

Kick upstairs from Oliveira. Straight right for Dalby. Overhand misses from Oliveira and Dalby sees that as a cue to go in on a takedown attempt. Oliveira stuffs it though and presses Dalby into the cage.

Dalby able to reverse the position though. Now it’s Oliveira who reverses and scores a takedown immediately as his opponent slips.

Cowboy postured up and presses Dalby hard into the cage. Final 10 seconds and Cowboy starts to unleash some ground and pound. However, Dalby gets to his knees and then puts Oliveira on his back just as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Exchange of leg kicks. Oliveira on the outside looking to counter, but gets a finger poke in the eye and that forces a brief stoppage.

Leg kick apiece again. Dalby aggressive offensively and connects with a head kick that leads to Oliveira hunting for a takedown. However, it’s Dalby who then manages to get on top as they go to the mat.

Dalby in half guard here. He’s taking his time but eventually starts to land some solid elbows to the head. Now he’s working punches and after a few connections Oliveira decides he’s had enough of that and is able to find a way back to his feet with his nose bleeding.

Dalby presses him into the cage. Oliveira able to get away. Dalby wades forward throwing more blows and Oliveira covers up against the cage then tries to return fire, only to eat another punch.

Oliveira does a nice throw to bring Dalby down, but then Dalby scrambles and ends up on top. Oliveira trying to throw upkicks, but that was illegal and forces a stoppage.

Oliveira gets a warning and the ref opts to restart them on their feet. Oliveira lands a good right hand on the counter towards the end of the round.

Round Three:

Oliveira looked very tired after the bell went and on his stool inbetween rounds.

Leg kick for Dalby. Huge head kick from Dalby just misses. He lands a left hand. Now he’s driving into a takedown and settles for clinching Oliveira against the cage.

Oliveira reverses the position and starts working on a takedown and with the body lock he’s able to pick him up and drop him to the mat.

Side control for Oliveira here. He lands an elbow. Oliveira in half-guard now. He puts his head in close and starts to throw a few punches. Bizarrely the ref opts to stand him up from there. he wasn’t especially active, but that was definitely a premature decision to stand them.

Oliveira back into the clinch looking for the takedown again. Oliveira drops down looking for a triangle choke, but it’s not happening and it’s Dalby who gets on top and moves to full mount.

Dalby trying to go for an arm triangle choke, but gives up on it and is back to punching. Hard elbow as Oliveira tries to turn his back and then blitzes him with ground and pound as the round ends.


Nice fight for Dalby then in his Octagon return in front of his home fans and that earns him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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