Alex Volkanovski Rallies To TKO Chad Mendes In 2nd Round At UFC 232

Alex Volkanovski proved he can make an impact at the top end of the featherweight division tonight at UFC 232 by taking Chad Mendes’ best shots and then going on to TKO him in the second round.

Round One:

Body kick for Volkanovski to start. He tries upstairs with a kick but misses. Leg kick for Mendes. Now for Volklanovski and one again for Mendes.

Leg kicks continue for Volkanovski as he starts to lead the dance, but he misses with a power right hand. Mendes misses with a leg kick and Volkanovski again threatens with the right hand without finding the target.

Hard one-two from Mendes. leg kick for Volkanovski. Hard uppercut to the body from Mendes. Body kick for Volkanovski.

Volkanovski with a lengthy jab now. He’s still takng the center of the cage for now. Nice one-two for Volkanovski. Volkanovski misses a punch and Mendes counters with a hook.

Jab for Volkanovski. Again Mendes counters and then grins at his opponent. Jab again for Volkanovski. Now Mendes swoops in for the takedown and gets it, but Volkanovski is soon back to his feet.

Punch lands for Mendes. Now a good body punch. High kick for Volkanovski.

Round two:

Body kick for Volkanovski. Inside leg kick. Flying knee from Mendes but doesn’t quite land. Mendes slips a punch but eats a right hand.

Heavy right hand from Mendes and that seemed to trouble Volkanovski but he keeps fighting. However Mendes lands another huge punch and Volkanovski buckles, but somehow manages to keep going.

Mendes looking confident but then Volkanovski lands and seems to have Mendes showing signs of concern. Good recovery from Volkanovski, but as he starts to rally but Mendes works a takedown.

Volkanovski soon up again though and landing hurtful blows. In the center of the cage Mendes lands another takedown. He gets to Volkanovski’s back and is fishing for a rear-naked choke, but he just can’t keep him down long enough to make the impact he wants on the mat.

Volkanovski immediately applying more pressure and Mendes is in danger here as he lands knees and punches against the cage.

Now Volkanovski lands a punch to the temple and Mendes caves to the canvas. He’s badly hurt and another punch lands before the referee steps in to award a TKO victory at 4.14mins of the second round.

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