Alexander Volkov Submits Tai Tuivasa In 2nd Round At UFC 293

Alexander Volkov was getting the better of the striking battle against Tai Tuivasa tonight at UFC 293, but when the action hit the mat in the second round he went on to secure an Ezekiel choke submission.

Round One:

Tuivasa looks for a hard leg kick early. Jab for Volkov. Tuivasa with another leg kick. He lands it again. Now he attempts a right hand upstairs.

Tuivasa working to the body with punches now and then another leg kick as Volkov counter with a punch. Volkov with a low kick of his own.

Kick and a punch from Volkov. Volkov doubling up on a kick now. Tuivasa into range looking to flurry, but Volkov fires back.

Good right hand counter from Volkov. Volkov circling now. Leg kick from Tuivasa, but then Volkov kicks to the leg and one upstairs immediately after.

Leg kick for Tuivasa and punch in return from Volkov. Short flurry of punches from Volkov and a leg kick behind it.

Body kick for Volkov. He lands a punch to the body too. Inside leg kick from Volkov. Tuivasa wades in with a couple of punches. Hard leg kick from Tuivasa. He’s looking for it again when Volkov catches him with a counter-right that drops him to a knee for a moment.

Tuivasa able to right himself. He lands a hard leg kick. Final seconds of the round and Volkov unleashes a good combination of punches that has Tuivasa hurt. Luckily for him the round ends as the barrage of blows was continuing.

Round Two:

Tuivasa back to the calf kick immediately. He does it again to the inside of the leg this time. Another low kick.

Body kick from Volkov. Volkov looking for short punches as Tuivasa continues to rip the leg kicks. Punch from Volkov hurts him though.

Leg kick for Tuivasa, but Volkov connects with a punch afterwards that knocks him off-balance to the mat. Volkov gets on top and looks to work from tere, but Tuivasa does well to stand back up.

Tuivasa swinging for the fences and Volkov needs to be careful not to get sucked into a brawl. Kick from Tuivasa, but Volkov catches it and brings him to the mat again.

Ground-and-pound from Volkov. He goes for an arm-triangle set-up, but soon abandons that and goes back to ground-and-pound from full mount.

Tuivasa gives up his back for a moment, but then Volkov is back in full mount. Volkov switches things up by going for a rare Ezekiel choke. Tuivasa can’t get out and soon after is forced to tap out at 4.37mins of Rd2.

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