Alistair Overeem TKO’s Walt Harris In Second Round At UFC On ESPN 8

Alistair Overeem ufc

Alistair Overeem was almost finished in the first round by Walt Harris but rallied in the second round with a head kick and follow-up punch putting his opponent down, with the TKO stoppage coming soon afterwards.

Round One:

Harris with feints. Overeem ducks underneath a big punch. Body punch for Harris. Hard spinning kick to the body from Overeem to the body.

Head kick attempt from Harris misses and then tries to wade in with punches.

Harris lands a big right hand and Overeem drops. Harris landing some huge ground and pound blows, but Overeem is hanging on in there and being given time here by the ref. Harris still blasting away. Overeem trying to get up though and does so.

Overeem perhaps not still fully having cleared the cobwebs here. Overeem with a nasty cut around his left eye and it’s bleeding significantly.

Harris slips after a kick and Overeem capitalizes and gets the takedown. Harris awkwardly caught close to the fence here with Overeem now chipping away with ground and pound. Harris breathing heavily as Overeem wears on him.

Overeem opts to land a big knee to the body. Harris struggles up to his feet and eats another knee to the body before the round ends. Harris breathing hard going back to his stool.

Round Two:

Jab from Overeem. Body kick from Harris. Harris swatting at thin air as Overeem keeps his distance. Low leg kick from Overeem.

Head kick lands from Overeem and leaves Harris momentarily stunned, then a left and big right puts him down.

Harris turtling up and Overeem chipping away with cuffing punches. Overeem gets his hooks in and flattens Harris out. Right hooks from Overem to the ear over and over again. Harris not quitting, but he’s struggling here and as the punches continue the referee steps in and waves off the fight, handing Overeem the TKO victory at 3.00mins of the second round.

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