Amanda Lemos Submits Michelle Waterson In 2nd Round At UFC On ABC 3

Amanda Lemos had a chance to show off her submission skills tonight at UFC On ABC 3, tapping out Michelle Waterson with a guillotine choke in the second round.

Round One:

Waterson light on her feet as she circles on the outside to start the fight. Leg kick attempt from her, but Lemos is out of range.

Patient start from Lemos. She tries a front kick that misses. Side kick to the body from Waterson. leg kick for Lemos and Waterson returns with one of her own.

Kicks exchanged again and Lemos lands a jab. Body kick for Lemos too as Waterson lands a light leg kick.

Another calf kick from Waterson. Now an inside leg kick from Lemos. Waterson misses with a side kick and Lemos counters with a short flurry of punches.

Overhand attempt from Lemos. Inside leg kicks from Waterson. She misses with a front kick upstairs and Lemos lands a punch.

Lemos just missing with heavy leather. Crescent kick from Waterson that misses. She lands a side kick to the body.

Calf kick for Lemos. Clash of kicks. Waterson drives into a takedown and gets past lemos counter punches to land it in the center of the Octagon.

Lemos working a butterfly guard, but Waterson progresses to half-guard. Waterson trying to get to mount, but is unable to and Lemos grabs her leg and does a nice reversal to get on top as the round draws to a close.

Round Two:

Body kick for Lemos. leg kick from Waterson. Another inside leg kick from him. Another solid body kick from Lemos.

Waterson with a couple of kicks that don’t land. Winging punch from Lemos grazes the target. Side kick to the body a couple of times from Waterson.

Good body punch from Lemos. Overhand from Lemos is overcooked and Waterson ducks underneath, lands a takedown, but Lemos gets free, get right onto a guillotine choke and drops back to the mat with it.

Lemos starts to roll on top and then suddenly lets go and is motioning to the referee about something. It’s not clear at first what’s happening, but the ref then waves the fight off and rightly so as Waterson was tapping out as Lemos rolled on top in a way that wasn’t easy to see at first glance.

Good stoppage and good submission win via guillotine choke for Lemos at 1.48mins of the second round.

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