Amanda Ribas TKO’s Luana Pinheiro In 3rd Round At UFC Fight Night 232

Amand Ribas had to endure a tough first round against Luana Pinheiro tonight at UFC Fight night 232, but did well to rebound by outworking and outstriking her opponent in the second round, before sealing the deal in the final five minutes via a big TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Pinheiro with a three-piece combo as Ribas also landed once. Pinheiro pressing forward aggressively while swinging for the fences, but not quite finding the mark with most of that furry.

The action slows a little. Ribas comes up short with a one-two. Pinheiro lands a nice punch and there’s already swelling and bleeding from Ribas’ left eye.

Inside leg kick for Pinheiro. Body kick for here now. Back to the inside leg kick. Ribas with a body kick. Inside leg kick again for Pinheiro.

Big overhand followed by a hook from Pinheiro. Spinnin back kick to the body for Ribas and then a punch. Trying to seize the momentum Ribas presses forward but eats a punch.

Straight right connects for Pinheiro. Pinheiro with plenty of movement inbetween the exchanges. Another right hand lands as Ribas’ left eye looks increasingly swollen.

Ribas able to clinch up and walks Pinheiro into the cage. They soon separate though. Side kick attempt to the body from Pinheiro.

Body kick for Ribas as Pinheiro was coming forward. She throws a punch too. Spinning kick to the body misses.

Round Two:

A couple of high kicks from Pinheiro come off the arm. Now Ribas attempts one of her own that comes off the guard.

Ribas throws the high kick again but gets countered by a punch. Outside leg kick for Ribas. Missed high kick from Ribas as Pinheiro circles around her. Inside leg kick from Ribas. She lands one to the outside of the leg and Pinheiro threatens with an overhand right.

left hand lands for Ribas. Three-piece combo for Ribas. Pinheiro comes up short with a big hook and Ribas lands a light punch.

Missed spinning body kick from Ribas allows Pinheiro to grab her, but Ribas breaks away and almost lands a head kick.

Jab working for Ribas now. Missed kick from Pinheiro. spinning backfist lands for Pinheiro. Ribas straight back to punching her though.

Body kick from Pinheiro and a leg kick from Ribas in return. exchange of punches. left hand for Ribas. Definitely more energy and output from Ribas this round as Pinheiro’s pace slows.

Dangerous head kick attempt from Ribas. Couple of punches land for Pinheiro though. Spinning body kick from Ribas and then another body kick behind it. Ribas continues to pressure with punches in the final seconds. Good round for her.

Round Three:

Body kick for Pinheiro as Ribas goes for a leg kick. Inside leg kick from Pinheiro and then steps in with solid punches afterwards.

Body kick from Ribas. Straight right for Pinheiro. Body kick for Ribas. Three-punch combo for Ribas. Step-in leg kick for her, but Pinheiro catches it and clinches up, then lands a knee to the body and breaks away.

Leg kick from Pinheiro. Head kick attempt from Ribas and then a spinning backfist attempt. In close they clinch up and Pinheiro lands a judo throw. They stand and Pinheiro throws again. She battles to keep the fight on top and does manage to secure top control with half-the round remaining.

Ribas works an omaplata that enables her to work back to her feet. In close again Ribas thinks about a headlock, but Pinheiro avoids it and they go back to striking range.

Ribas immediately back on the offensive. Good right hand for her. Pinheiro looks exhausted all of a sudden. Ribas blasts her with another big punch down the pipe. Pinheiro is running on empty and Ribas takes advantage, landing a spinning kick to the head that lands. Punches follow and Pinheiro falls to the mat. A brief blast of ground-and-pound from Ribas then secures an impressive TKO finish at 3.53mins of the final round.

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