Amanda Ribas Unanimously Beats Mackenzie Dern At UFC Fight Night 161

Amanda Ribas handed Mackenzie Dern the first loss of her MMA career tonight at UFC Fight Night 161.

Round One:

Dern throwing an early combination but doesn’t find the target. hard right hand does get through for the returning Dern now.

However, Ribas also then lands a punch that sends Dern reeling backwards for a moment, though she looks fine as she resets.

Dern looking for big punches, but gets caught with a counter. Again Ribas lands on the counter, finding a home for a big right hand.

Another right for Ribas. Ribas throwing and Dern slips and rights herself. Missed punches from Dern and again it’s a good punch in return from Ribas.

Dern responds with a takedown, but Ribas gets right back up and soon after lands a spinning kick to the body.

Power right hands for Ribas. Now Ribas going for a judo throw and lands it, but that does allow Dern to start working on a submission attempt from her back.

Dern gives up on that attempt and Ribas opting to just lock down and give the grappling ace very little to work with in the final minute of the round.

Round Two:

Dern with a takedown attempt that’s stuffed. Dern looking to throw heavy leather but it’s Ribas with the sharper hands at this stage.

Solid right hand lands for Dern. She lands a left hook now, but then gets caught with a punch in return. Ribas stuffs a Dern takedown attempt.

Hard punches exchanged in close. Spinning kick attempt from Ribas is just blocked. Winging right from Ribas.

Two punches from Dern and two from Ribas. Ribas with a nice jab. Single leg takedown for Dern, but can’t get it and then they end up on the mat with Ribas on top.

Back upright they go. Ribas with a spinning kick that misses, but follows it up with punches and has Dern in reverse gear in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Exchange of punches. Ribas takedown but doesn’t follow Dern down.

Body kick for Dern, but Ribas lands two punches in return. Dern with a single leg takedown and pulls guard, but Ribas looking comfortable on the mat.

Back on the feet quickly and Dern lands an overhand. Ribas with a right hand.

Punches to the body and head from Ribas. Leg kick now. A jab connects. Low leg kick. Final takedown attept perhaps from Dern is quickly shaken off.

Ribas wading forward with leg kicks and punches as she looks to put a final stamp on a fine performance here.


No doubt about the winer here, Ribas had sharper striking and was able to snuff out Dern’s attempts to use her grappling en-route to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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