Below you’ll find a full transcript of Anderson Silva’s UFC 168 pre-fight interview with UFC.Com ahead of his rematch with Chris Weidman next Saturday night on pay-per-view.

“What’s at stake for me is my comeback. Me being able to get back what was lost within me. And that’s what I’m searching for, that’s what i’m looking for; the title. But more than the title, is my energy and my will to always keep winning.”

“My advantage, as everyone knows, is fighting on the feet. I consider myself to be one of the best stand-up fighters in the UFC. I’m also a blackbelt so I’m ready to go to the ground. But as we all saw, not much happened on the ground (the last time). I think this fight my advantage will be on the feet.”

“My style is a free fighting style. I like to be loose and be happy in there, doing what I like to do. My reference is Muhammed Ali who’s pretty much a ballet dancer in the ring. That’s what I like to do. I like to have my own style.”

“I think that now I need to maintain my focus. I have been doing that while I train for this rematch. I’ll just do what I do best, which is to fight.

I needed this time to put my mind in the right place. Put my martial arts spirit in the right place, and be prepared for this again. So I think this is a renewal that is happening. This is a new Anderson Silva that is coming, more mature and with the right mindset.”