Antonina Shevchenko Defeats Ji Yeon Kim By Decision At TUF 28 Finale

Valentina Shevchenko’s sister Antonina Shevchenko earned a decision victory over Ji Yeon Kim tonight in her UFC debut at the TUF 28 Finale.

Round 1:

Overhand right from Kim that doesn’t connect. Leg kick from Shevchenko. Kim misses with another punch and Shevchenko lands a short flurry.

Flashy kick misses from Shevchenko. Right hand for Shevchenko and then a one-two behind it. Side kick to the body from Shevchenko. leg kick for her as Kim comes forward.

Nice move into the clinch from Shevchenko, but they don’t stay there for long. Left hand for Kim. Another lands and Shevchenko stumbles back off-balance.

Shevchenko backs up. Kim lands with the left again. Kim pressuring and Shevchenko lands a front kick upstairs. Into the clinch now from Shevchenko against the cage. Kim reverses the position. They continue to jockey for position against the cage, going back and forth.

Kim with a few knees and then Shevchenko reverses, but this time the referee quickly separates them.

Leg kick for Kim, but Shevchenko lands a combination on the counter. left hand for Kim, but then Shevchenko successfully lands a head and arm throw to end the round on top.

Round 2

Side kick to the face attempted from Shevchenko. Now she lands a leg kick. Another low kick lands. Right hand for Kim, but Shevchenko fires off punches in response.

Kim just misses with a punch as Shevchenko tries for a spinning elbow and misses. Kim works into the clinch against the cage. Knees to the legs from her.

Shevchenko reverses position and returns the favor with knees. She’s trying for a takedown, but Kim keeps her feet and the ref separates them.

Kim trying to pressure forward, but Shevchenko lands a three-piece combo. Another solid punch finds the home for Shevchenko.

Three right hands in a row for Shevchenko and then a kick upstairs. Clinch from Shevchenko and she lands a knee to the ribs. She works to the cage and lands a few more knees before they seperate.

Good jab connects for Shevchenko. She goes for a spinning elbow that grazes Kim. Now a kick to the face connects for Shevchenko.

Solid body kick from Shevchenko. She works back into the clinch and is trying for a takedown as the round ends.

Round 3:

Push kick for Shevchenko. Leg kick for Kim, but a harder one comes in response from Shevchenko. Leg kick for Kim, but Shevchenko catches it and dumps her to the mat.

Shevchenko now in Kim’s guard. Not much doing from here so far as Kim looks to tie up her opponent and force a reset. Eventually Shevchenko steps out and stands up, landing kicks to the legs of her still ground opponent.

Then Kim tries to stand, but Shevchenko steps in and lands a big knee upstairs, but Kim was still considered a downed opponent at the time and so Shevchenko gets a warning from the referee as the fight is briefly stopped.

Thankfully Kim is ok to continue and they soon get back to it. Aggressive striking to start again. Shevchenko pressing forward with a kick.

Into the clinch they go but not for long. Hard body kick from Shevchenko. leg kick for Kim. Leg kick for Shevchenko. Jab for Kim and Shevchenko returns fire and clinches. kim into the clinch against the cage. She lands punches to the body, but then Shevchenko reverses the position.

shevchenko and Kim both chipping away with short strikes from the clinch as the round comes to an end.


Shevchenko clearly oustruck Kim for the full 15mins without really every looking likely to get a finish and show she’ll be happy instead to claim a unanimous decision victoy (30-27 x3) in her UFC debut.

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