Ariane Lipski Beats Melissa Gatto By Split Decision At UFC On ESPN 48

Ariane Lipski narrowly edged past Melissa Gatto via split decision tonight at UFC On ESPN 48 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Gatto circling on the outside with plenty of feints, but no action so far in the opening minute.

Lipski looking for a body kick. Gatto finally steps in with a punch. Gatto tries to clinch but Lipski greets her with a knee to the body.

Leg kick for Gatto and then back on her bikes on the outside. They exchange leg kicks. Body punch from Gatto. She lands a couple of quick jabs.

Lipski threatens with a kick. She’s still trying to find her range, while Gatto lands another couple of jabs. Right hand for her too.

Punch and a kick behind it lands for Lipski. Step-in jab for Gatto. Now to the body with a punch. Both land a punch at the same time.

Leg kick for LIpski. She lands a body kick that Gatto partially catches and then works into the clinch against the cage. Lipski defending the takedown and looks for a knee to the body.

Round Two:

Both look for body kicks to start the round without landing cleanly. Gatto with a low kick and one from Lipski. Solid straight lands for Gatto.

Leg kick for Lipski. Body punches for her. Then an outside leg kick. Lipski looking for another leg kick but Gatto gets into the clinch and walks her over to the cage.

Gatto with a knee to the body as she tries to work for a takedown opportunity. Suddenly Lipski catches her off-guard with a hip throw, but Gatto gets straight back up and continues to work from the clinch for the takedown.

They start to jockey for position against the cage and eventually break free. Gatto with a couple of one-two’s that don’t land cleanly.

Punch lands for Lipski. Now a leg kick. She lands an uppercut. Gatto with punches off the guard. Solid right hand for Lipski on the counter.

One-two for Gatto. Leg kick attempt from Lipski afford Gatto another opportunity to try to catch it and then work into the clinch, where the round ends.

Round Three:

Gatto back to the one-two. Lipski with a kick. Nice couple of punches from Lipski. Both exchange kicks. Solid right hand from Gatto.

Lipski with a quick flurry and Gatto tries to counter with a takedown that’s stuffed. Jab lands from Gatto. Body kick from Lipski.

Both land a leg kick. Quick hands from Lipski. One-two from Gatto and Lipski fires back. Gatto clinches up and works around to the back to get the body lock . Lipski gets her back against the cage and Gatto tries to jump into a potential choke and slides off to enable Lipski to get on top on the mat.

Gatto quickly back up though. Lipski punches and lands a leg kick behind it. Gatto with a glancing punch. Body kick from Lipski.

Lipski with a few grazing punches. Head kick from Lipski seemed to partially get through, but without any real power behind it. Body kicks exchanged as the round comes to an end.


A close fight then, but Lipski was pressing the action a bit more on the feet and defended some takedown attempts to help her to a narrow win via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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