Arman Tsarukyan Beats Charles Oliveira By Split Decision At UFC 300

Arman Tsarukyan showed he had what it takes to survive Charles Oliveira’s submission attempts on his way to a split decision victory tonight at UFC 300.

Round One:

Chopping low kick from Oliveira to start. Now Tsarukyan with his calf kick and Oliveira lands another of his own.

Leg kick from Oliveira knocks Tsarukyan off-balance to the mat and Oliveira immediately seeking a possible choke.

Tsarukyan stands up, but Oliveira jumps onto him and pulls guard with a tight guillotine choke attempt. Tough spot for Tsarukyan, but he manages to battle through it and get free.

Oliveira into full mount though in the center of the Octagon. Tsarukyan tries to scramble, but Oliveira stays on top. However, Tsarukyan then does manage to work a nice reversal with half the round still remaining.

Punches to the body and then elbows to the head from Tsarukyan. He’s working inside Oliveira’s guard and steering clear of submission attempts for now. Tsarukyan with a good elbow to the head.

Oliveira finds space and lands a solid upkick while he’s still grounded which is illegal, which forces a stoppage to give Tsarukyan time to recover. He seems ok though and could have fought through that if required.

Tsarukyan is allowed to get back on top in Oliveira’s guard as the ref restarts the fight.

A couple of short elbows from Tsarukyan. Oliveira elevating him and then drives back up to his feet. Knee to the body from Oliveira and then an elbow. Kick from Tsarukyan as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Body kick from Tsarukyan. Front kick from Oliveira. Straight right lands for Oliveira. Tsarukyan with a knee to the body.

Jab from Tsarukyan. Now an axe kick from him that grazes the face of Oliveira. Tsarukyan nicely times a takedown under a punch but there’s a big scramble and they end up back upright with Tsarukyan still clinched up looking for another takedown.

Tsarukyan lands the takedown while steering clear of a potential guillotine from Oliveira. Tsarukyan in Oliveira’s guard and staying patient. Oliveira with elbows from his back. Tsarukyan back in tight to Oliveira to stifle his opportunities for submissions.

Punches to the body from Tsarukyan with a minute to go in the round. Elbow strikes from Tsarukyan and Oliveira is bleeding now. More elbows get through and Oliveira tries to land too. Final 10 seconds and Tsarukyan lands another elbow, while Oliveira tries for an armbar but doesn’t have time to work on it.

Round Three:

Jumping knee attempt from Oliveira misses. Jab from Tsarukyan. One-two lands for Oliveira. Oliveira trying to press the action here, but Tsarukyan clinches up and works over to the cage.

Knee from Oliveira and then works away from the clinch. Low kick for Tsarukyan. Hooks from him now. Tsarukyan tries for a takedown, but Oliveira fends that off.

Body punch from Tsarukyan. Now a jab. He keeps working the jab. Body kick from Oliveira. Body kick from Tsarukyan too now. Tsarukyan drives into a takedown and lands it nicely. Oliveira trying to work a guillotine but doesn’t have it.

Tsarukyan in side control and traps an arm to get the crucifix. He lands a couple of elbows. Tsarukyan able to take Oliveira’s back now. Oliveira turtled up. Tsarukyan gets a hook in but then a mistake and he slips, enabling Oliveira to get on top.

Oliveira immediately working for a submission and has a d’arce choke attempt, but there’s not long to go in the fight. Oliveira playfully sticking his tongue out in celebration, but Tsarukyan survives to take the fight to the scorecards.


A competitive fight then, with Tsarukyan enjoying some good spells of control on the mat and landing damaging elbows, while Oliveira had some dangerous submission attempts in both the first and final rounds. In the end it’s Tsarukyan who did enough to earn a split-decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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