Arnold Allen TKO’s Calvin Kattar Due To Freak Knee Injury At UFC Fight Night 213

Arnold Allen extended his UFC winning streak to 10 fights tonight at UFC Fight Night 213, though the manner of his win this time around was unfortunate due to his opponent Calvin Kattar suffering an accidental knee injury that soon left him unable to continue.

Round One:

The featherweight main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Leg kick for Allen. He lands another calf kick. Kattar being patient so far. Kick for Kattar now.

Front kick to the body from Allen. Straight left for him. Push kick now. Solid body kick for Allen, but then Kattar lands a nice straight punch.

Inside leg kick for Kattar now. Allen firing off a straight left. He misses on a body punch. Front kick to the body for Kattar and then a leg kick too.

Solid punch for Allen. Now a calf kick. Nice knee to the body from Kattar. Left hand from Allen as Kattar was looking to counter with a left hook.

Suddenly Allen unleashes with a big flurry of punches, but Kattar covers up to deflect most of that.

Nice couple of solid punches from Kattar now as he picks his spots to land clean.

Heavy left hand for Allen and then another. He scores again with that same straight punch.

Kattar jumps into a knee strike, misses and then his knee buckles under him as he lands. That clearly hurt, but the fight goes on and Allen is able to get him down and work for a possible choke, but he’s able to survive until the end of the round.

Round Two:

Kattar gingerly gets to his feet from the stool and tests his weight on that compromised leg. Doctor quickly checks on him before the start of the round but he insists his knee is ok to continue.

So the second round starts and Allen lands a calf kick. Kattar tries to step backwards, but he can’t put any weight on his back foot due to that injured knee and he falls to the mat, and that’s going to be it. Allen wins by TKO just 8 seconds into the second round due to his opponent’s injury.

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