Asu Almabayev Beats Jose Johnson Result By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 58

Asu Almabayev used his wrestling to Control Jose Johnson on the mat tonight at UFC On ESPN 58 on his way to a clean-sweep on the judges scorecards.

Round One:

Front kick attempts from the tall, rangey Johnson, but not landing it yet. Straight right lands for Johnson.

Low kick lands for Johnson. Push kick to the body from Johnson, but Almabayev catches it and works straight into a takedown off it.

Almabayev in Johnson’s guard now. Johnson attempts to elevate his smaller opponent, but Almabayev stays on top.

Right hand lands for Almabayev. Body-head combo now. Johnson manages to get to his feet nicely. Almabayev straight on him though and he hops onto his back and tries to go for a standing rear-naked choke. Johnson gets free from that though.

Almabayev dragging him to the mat a few times, but Johnson stands back up. Almabayev presses him up against the cage and lands a knee. Almabayev drags him down again, but Johnson pops back up as the round ends.

Round Two:

Spinning wheel kick attempt from Almabayev lands, but Johnson stays standing and seems ok. Almabayev goes for a takedown, but Johnson gets on top. Almabayev scrambles back on top and Johnson tries to work for a triangle choke with his long legs.

Almabayev staying patient here and eventually breaks free, then takes Almabayev’s back and is straight into the process of setting up a rear-naked choke attempt. He doesn’t have it for now so he lands a few punches and then transitions on top. He ends up in Johnson’s butterfly guard though.

A few punches on top from Almabayev. He’s trying to pass guard, but Johnson’s long limbs are making it tricky. Johnson gives up his back as he goes to his knees and Almabayev gladly takes it.

Almabayev goes for the rear-naked choke again, but doesn’t have it so we’re headed to the third round.

Round Three:

Low kick for Almabayev. Now a side kick to the body. Almabayev lands a takedown, but Johnson gets back up. Almabayev clinched to his back though. Knee to the thigh for him. He drags Johnson to the mat, but Johnson ends up on top. Almabayev attempts to scramble but Johnson takes his back and is now looking for a rear-naked choke.

Almabayev trying to scramble on top. Johnson prevents it as he gets his body triangle in, but then Almabayev rolls and does manage to transition on top nicely.

Elbow lands for Almabayev. He passes to half-guard. He lands a few hammerfists. Johnson trying for butterfly guard again. Almabayev manages to get to the back though and locks in to the body triangle.

A minute to go and Almabayev starts to work for the rear-naked choke. He gives up on that for now. 30 seconds left and he goes for it again. Johnson surviving, but then Almabayev sinks it in tight for a moment. ohnson gets out of that and Johnson lands a nice elbow behind him. Almabayev gives one last attempt at the choke, but there’s not enough time left so we’re headed to the judges scorecards.


No doubt about the winner here with Almabayev controlling the action for long spells with his repeated takedowns and superior ground game and so he earns the victory by unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

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