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Ben Askren Calls Out Big Name UFC Stars After Rumor Emerges That He’s Close To Signing

Former Bellator and ONE FC champion Ben Askren is believed to be on the verge of a trade deal that will see him join the UFC in exchange for Demetrious Johnson joining ONE FC, and Askren is already starting to call out some of the big name stars he hopes to meet when he gets into the Octagon.

“Now you’re all in big big trouble!” the undefeated Askren wrote on Twitter.

“Notice not one of these WW’s is saying my name right now. They think if they hide their heads in the sand some other poor lamb will be taken for slaughter.

” So many fighters said stuff about me in the past. I don’t even get hit. I might tell @ufc to set up a bum of the month club and fight every month!”

Askren then turned his attention specifically to former welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

“Hey @GeorgesStPierre please name your terms of engagement!!! Who would you like me to beat up or how many twitter followers would you like me to have. You name it’s done. Then I’ll see you in Montreal.

“But @GeorgesStPierre please be specific, ambiguity sucks. I know you like a challenge and I am a puzzle you have never solved yet.”

He then took aim at the Diaz brothers as well.

“Hey @nickdiaz209 word is you blew all your money and need to fight again. I realize you haven’t won a bout since 2011, but people still seem to think you are good. I’m willing to show them otherwise!

And @NateDiaz209 you can’t keep waiting on your sugar daddy @TheNotoriousMMA to make you some more money. If big bro lets you out of the house and your feeling funky holler at me.”

Darren Till was also put under the ‘Funky’ spotlight.

“Hey @darrentill2 you feel like going on a losing streak?

“Sounds like a yes to me. Keep your dance card open you are about to get taken to Funky town.”

Mike Perry then decided to throw his hat into the Octagon, but Askren quickly shut him down.

“Well I appreciate you being the only one with the courage Mike, but let’s be real: you suck, you know you aren’t getting the shot.”

Jorge Masvidal got put on blast.

“@GamebredFighter you used to say a lot of shit. Now reality gonna bite you in the ass and your twitter fingers got fired.

Jorge you haven’t won a fight since Jan 2017! If you had a shred of self awareness you would realize it would be an honor for you to share the cage with me.

Meanwhile, Colby Covington also had his card marked.

“@ColbyCovMMA might get beat up by @TWooodley first but I’m calling dibs on whipping him next. He is despicable.”

And last but not least, Alan Jouban also came under fire.

“Alan being humbled in front of millions isn’t something fake tough like happening to them. You’re 1-2 in your last 3, go back to modeling.”

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