Billy Quarantillo Defeats Spike Carlyle By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 9

Billy Quarantillo emerged victorious by unanimous decision against Spike Carlyle tonight at UFC On ESPN 9 after weathering an early storm from his opponent and then finishing strongly.

Round One:

Lunging front kick straight away from Carlyle and then elbows already seems to have Quarantillo hurt. He’s got his opponent to the mat and is looking to take his back. He’s thinking about an armbar now, but then is taking Quarantillo’s back and thinking about a rear-naked choke.

Strikes for Carlyle now and Quarantillo has to turn away from it. Back to an armbar attempt and as they scramble Carlyle loses position and Quarantillo is now on top.

Quarantillo moves to Carlyle’s back. He gets in a body lock, but Carlyle turns into him and ends up back on top.

Carlyle landing punches as he settles into Quarantillo’s guard. Carlyle moves to side control, but then Quarantillo is able to stand. Carlyle brings him straight back down again though. Quarantillo landing blows from his back.

Carlyle stands up for a moment and then drops down with a hard right hand. he lands some more ground and pound and then for some reason opts to stand up, turns his back on his opponent and casually walks away, perhaps mistakenly thinking the round had ended. However, there’s still time left for Quarantillo to stand back up, run over to him and land a left hook that knocks him down.

Round Two:

Quarantillo lands a leg kick and then another. As he comes forward again Carlyle lands a clean counter and hurts him. They scramble to the mat and Quarantillo is on top, but not for long as Carlyle quickly turns on top.

Quarantillo gets to his knees and tries to stand, but Carlyle has a double leg and brings him back down. Again he’s looking to get upright and again his legs are taken out from under him.

Carlyle still keeping a high pace here as he lands ground and pound. Quarantillo landing elbows from his back.

Left hands land to Quarantillo’s head. Carlyle takes Quarantillo’s back and almost slides off. Quarantillo able to stand and now he’s trying to work for a takedown against the cage. Hard knee to the body from Quarantillo and then gets the takedown with just over 90 seconds of the round remaining.

Carlyle able to scramble and stand back up, pressing Quarantillo to the cage. Quarantillo reverses the clinch. Another nice knee to the body from Quarantillo. Carlyle looking for a single leg takedown and gets it, though Quarantillo tries to roll on top. he doesn’t do so successfully though.

However, from his back Quarantillo works for a triangle choke. He doesn’t get it, but readjusts and gets it in tighter. Again Carlyle works free as the rounds is drawing to a close.

Round Three:

Superman punch attempt from Quarantillo misses and Carlyle spins around to his back and works a takedown, but Quarantillo immediately gets back up. He’s looking for a takedown again, but it’s Quarantillo who is on top as they hit the mat.

Excellent reversal from Carlyle, but soon after Quarantillo gets on top again and starts landing ground and pound. Quarantillo taking Carlyle’s back and working on a rear-naked choke. It’s at an awkward angle though as Caryle is trying to turn into him and he’s forced to let go and Carlyle is back on top.

Quarantillo trying for a triangle choke, but nothing doing. Quarantillo standing up, but Carlyle pressing him up against the cage. He’s trying for a takedown, but he’s very tired. Quarantillo stuffs it and gets on top, taking Carlyle’s back as he turtles up.

A minute to go and Quarantillo is looking for the rear-naked choke. He’s softening him up with punches. Carlyle back to his feet. Quarantillo landing punches, but Caryle is trying to dig deep and fire back. Final seconds of the round and Quarantillo rattles off a nice combination of punches to the head, but the final bell sounds before he can look for a finish.


Really good fight then with both men giving there all and it leaves the judges with plenty to think about. They are unanimous in their decision though and it’s Quarantillo who emerges with the win (29-28 x3).

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