Billy Quarantillo KO’s Kyle Nelson In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 177

Billy Quarantillo kept his winning streak going tonight at UFC fight Night 177 with a knockout victory early in the third round against Kyle Nelson in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Nice leg kick from Quarantillo to start. Nelson with a nice combination of strikes. Nelson comes forward again with another flurry that has Quarantillo backed up against the cage. Nelson goes into the clinch.

They separate and Quarantillo throws a big punch. Leg kick for him and Nelson counters with a punch. Body punch from Nelson. Knee in close from Quarantillo as Nelson gets into the clinch against the cage.

Nelson working hard trying to get a takedown here, without success so far. Good balance from Quarantillo to foil another attempt, but he then gets clocked by a nice punch.

They break apart and go back to striking. Quarantillo lands a nice body kick. Now a left hand for him. He follows up with a series of punches.

Leg kick for Quarantillo and then one to teh body. Right hand gets through for Nelson. ANother body kick from Quarantillo and a leg kick in return from Nelson.

Jab for Nelson. One-two for Quarantillo and a leg kick. Another leg kick knocks Nelson off-balance slightly.

Jabs for Quarantillo. An exchange and Nelson lands a left hook to the chin. Quarantillo swoops down for a takedown and gets it. Nelson back to one knee and then stands.

Quarantillo looking for another takedown in the final minute of the round, but Nelson defends it and then takes a knee to the groin for his troubles, which forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go and Nelson lands a nice right hand. Quarantillo coming in with his head down and Nelson just misses with a head kick attempt.

Spinning back kick to the body lands for Nelson and Quarantillo responds with a leg kick as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Head and then body punch for Quarantillo. Nelson fires back. Back and forth action here, just as in the first round. Body punch from Quarantillo and then eats strikes in return. Body kick from Quarantillo.

Nice right hook from Quarantillo. He goes for a takedown but Nelson stuffs it well. Another right hook sneaks past Nelson’s guard. Nelson lands to the head. Quarantillo again in on the takedown, but Nelson defending it against the cage for now.

Knee to the body for Quarantillo. Another connects. He works again for the takedown, but still nothing doing. They separate a little and Quarantillo lands an elbow. Nelson lands a punch.

Right hook from Quarantillo as he closes the distance again, goes for the takedown and lands it this time. However, Nelson is quickly back to his feet.

Body punches from Quarantillo and a good elbow over the top from Nelson. Another lands and then a glancing uppercut as they separate.

Tired looking left and right hook from Quarantillo as he goes straight back into the clinch. He’s trying for the takedown again and then changes things up, landing a knee low to the body. He lands another. Good elbow for Quarantillo. Body punch and then one upstairs.

Back to striking range and Quarantillo is starting to wade forward throwing punches. Nelson digs into his energy reserves and fires back with a clean connection though.

Quarantillo still pushing the pace though and marching forward throwing punches. Nelson definitely starting to fade here and as another punch lands he looks in desparation for a takedown. It fails and he’s left on the mat as Quarantillo drops down and lands a huge punch. Nelson survives though and makes it to the final round.

Round Three:

Jab for Nelson. Quarantillo blasts him with a big right hand just as Nelson is throwing a leg kick and it stops him in his tracks for a moment before he falls to the mat. The ref rushes in straight away to wave off the fight, giving Quarantillo an impressive KO win just 7 seconds into the final round.

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