Augusto Sakai Defeats Blagoy Ivanov By Split Decision At UFC On ESPN 9

Augusto Sakai fought his way to a split decision victory over Blagoy Ivanov tonight at UFC On ESPN 9.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from Sakai. Another front kick to the body from him. Now a leg kick. Ivanov coming up ust short with a punch. Leg kick again from Sakai.

Short flurry of punches from Ivanov. Ivanov again into range and lands a left hand. Three piece combo from him. Inside leg kick lands hard for Sakai.

Hard right hand from Ivanov. Body punch from him. Leg kick for Sakai. Gracing left hand from Ivanov. Ivanov closing the distance and they clinch up with Sakai pressing Ivanov against the cage.

Ivanov able to escape and throws a hook as he does so. Body kick from Sakai. Body punches and then to the head from Ivanov as he moves into the clinch.

Thai clinch from Sakai and Ivanov moves away landing a hook. Hard leg kick from Sakai. Another clinch opportunity for Ivanov against the cage. Final 10 seconds and Ivanov lands a couple of short left hands.

Round Two:

Hard left hand from Ivanov. He lands an inside leg kick at close range. Now a body punch. Another left hand from Ivanov.

One-two from Ivanov, but Sakai lands a counter right that got Ivanov’s attention. Leg kick from Sakai and Ivanov attempts a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Body punches from Ivanov and a glancing counter from Sakai. Body punch from Ivanov. Sakai into the clinch. Hook from Ivanov and then breaks free.

Two body punches for Ivanov. Insideg leg kick from Sakai. Left hook from Ivanov as Sakai goes on the offensive. Big body kick from Sakai and then he’s into the clinch.

Knees to the body from Sakai. Right hook and then a backhander from Sakai before they break apart.

leg kick for Sakai and then another. Ivanov pressing forward and lands a jab then a left behind it. Body kick from Sakai as he applies pressure. Another hard leg kick from Sakai. Hard blows exchanged by both men.

Combination punches from Sakai, but then Ivanov changes levels and gets the takedown. Half guard for Ivanov and grinding his elbow into Sakai’s face. Ivanov is standing back up just as the round ends and then walks over to the cage looking very tired.

Round Three:

Left hand from Ivanov. Another left finds Sakai’s chin and a right behind it. Counter punch from Sakai and then a head kick attempt.

Right hand for Sakai. He misses with another head kick. Missed punches from Sakai but lands a body punch. Right hook for Sakai.

Leg kick from Sakai. Jab for Ivanov. Front kick to the body from Sakai and then a jab. He throws a flying knee. Now back to targeting the body with a kick.

Ivanov wades forward hurling punches but not really with much precision. Back in the center of the Octagon Ivanov lands a couple of punches.

Body punch from Ivanov and then Sakai goes into the clinch and presses his opponent into the cage. knee to the body from Sakai. Ivanov working hard for a takedown, but Sakai grabs the cage to stop it and receives a minor warning while the action continues.

Body kick for Sakai. Right hgand for Ivanov. Leg kick for Sakai. Inside leg kick now. jab for Ivanov. Ivanov coming forward with punches that are a bit short and Sakai fires off a series of counters. Ivanov does then land a good punch though.

Hard body kick for Sakai. Ivanov tries to clinch up, but it’s Sakai who presses him up against the cage as the round ends.


A gruelling fight for both men then and ends in a split decision verdict, with Sakai emerging as the winner (29-28 x2, 27-30).

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