Bobby Green vs. Jared Gordon Ruled A No-Contest After Accidental headbutt

Bobby Green KO’d Jared Gordon tonight at UFC Fight Night 222, but it didn’t count as it was an accidental headbutt that floored his opponent before the finish, leading to a no-contest ruling.

Round One:

Green immediately pressuring but with his hands down low as he likes to do. Both looking for kicks but not quite finding the mark yet.

Body punch from Green. leg kick for Gordon. Punch from Green and Gordon bumps into the cage as he backs off.

Gordon with a counter hook. Jab for Green. He lands a double-jab and Gordon lands another counter hook.

Body kick from Gordon and Green tries to bundle him over to the mat. Flurry from Gordon.

Body punch from Green and Gordon lands a counter. Jab for Green and a left and a right connect from Gordon.

Gordon attempts a single but it doesn’t pay off. Gordon misses on a big hook. Kick from Gordon strays to the groin and Green takes a few seconds to recover before they continue.

Missed front kick upstairs from Gordon. He follows up with another kick. slapping punches from Green.

Good one-two from Gordon. Green steps into a right hand. Suddenly Gordon drops to the mat and it turns out it’s from a headbutt that lands to the temple of his opponent as Green was lunging forward.

Green follows up with ground and pound and Gordon is out. That’s it, the fight is over at 4.35mins of the first round, but will Green get the win or does that clash of heads alter the result?

There’s a pause as the commission reviews the footage and then they rightly come back with a no-contest ruling.

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