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Brad Katona Crowned TUF 27 Winner After Decision Win Against Jay Cucciniello

Brad Katona convincingly outgrappled Jay Cucciniello and also floored him twice on the feet en-route to picking up a unanimous decision victory in order to be crowned a TUF 27 champion this evening in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Leg kick for Katona. Another leg kick and then thinks about a takedown but Cucciniello backs out of danger.

Now a body kick for Katona. Katona remains the more active fighter earlier, working a body punch and another kick. Cucciniello threatens with a knee.

Right hand for Katona. Now a body punch. Cucciniello taking the center of the cage, but not doing too much with it. Left hook for Katona.

Leg kick for Katona. Cucciniello with a right hand. Now a right for Katona. Body kick for Cucciniello. Another body kick for him.

Swing and a miss for Cucciniello. left hook for Katona. Solid body kick. Kick upstairs from Katona blocked. Hook from Katona drops Cucciniello, but he’s straight back up.

Knee strike to the head from Cucciniello. Switch kick lands for him as the round ends.

Round Two:

Katona reaches for an early takedown that doesn’t pay off. Cucciniello feeling out with his jab. Left hand for Katona drops Cucciniello for the second time in the fight!

Cucciniello quickly back up again though. Katona manages to get a takedown near the center of the Octagon. Katona passes to half-guard. Cucciniello brings him back to his full guard though.

Midway through the second round now. Katona maintaining control on top, but struggling to pass his opponent’s guard. He gets to half-guard eventually with just over a minute of the round remaining. Elbow to the head. Cucciniello gets him to his full guard again. A couple of punches for Katona to end the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Katona. Another one connects. Left hook for him. Single leg attempt from Katona and bundles Cucciniello over to the cage, pressing his opponent there as he continues working for the takedown.

Katona finally manages to hoist Cucciniello off his feet and dumps him to the canvas. Katona working from half-guard. Katona with a few punches now.

Two minutes remaining. Cucciniello eventually looks to scramble up, gets to his knees, but Katona remains tight on him. Cucciniello moves to his back then to his front and gets stuck there as Katona lands punches for a moment. Back to his knees Cucciniello goes. 30 seconds remaining.

Katona takes Cucciniello’s back and works a few punches to soften him up as the round comes to a close.


No doubt about the winner here, with Brad Katona winning convincingly by unanimous decision (30-26 x3) to become the TUF 27 winner.

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