Brunno Ferreira TKO’s Dustin Stoltzfus With Spinning Back Elbow At UFC On ESPN 57

An entertaining first round of action between Brunno Ferreira and Dustin Stoltzfus tonight at UFC On ESPN 57 culminated in a highlight-reel finish for ‘The Hulk’ as he connected clean with a spinning back elbow to earn a TKO Finish.

Round One:

Stoltzfus taking the center of the Octagon early here . He throws a front kick and then misses on a punch behind it.

Leg kicks exchanged. Overhand right from Ferreira. Stoltzfus tries to fire back but doesn’t connect. Ferreira goes for the overhand again but this time doesn’t connect and Stoltzfus fires back then manages to work a takedown.

Stoltzfus postures up and then lands a good punch. Ferreira goes to his knees and Stoltzfus starts to work towards taking his back. Stoltzfus gets his hooks in but is starting to slide off.

Stoltzfus working for a leg lock now, but Ferreira stays calm and gradually works his way free and back to his feet. Stoltzfus coming straight at him though. Exchange in close and then they separate.

Stoltzfus continuing to press the action here. Nice spinning back kick to the body from him. Overhand lands for Ferreira but Stoltzfus lands too. Spinning elbow lands for Ferreira!

Ferreira on the attack and in close lands a knee upstairs. Stoltzfus’s chin holding up so far, but for how long?

Ferreira in all-out attack mode here and he throws another spinning back elbow strike and it lands flush, leaving Stoltzfus staggering off in the other direction as the ref steps in to wave off the fight! Big TKO finish for Ferreira at 4.51mins of the opening round.

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