Bruno Silva TKO’s Brad Tavares In 1st Round At UFC Fight Night 222

Bruno Silva floored Brad Tavares with a big punch in the first round tonight at UFC FIght Night 222, though the TKO stoppage that followed may have been slightly premature.

Round One:

Double jab for Tavares to start. Tavares misses on a committed right hand. He lands a body kick. Inside leg kick from Silva.

Silva looking to let his hands go but gets countered by a good left hook from Tavares. Now a leg kick from Tavares.

Body kick for Tavares and Silva fires back with winging hooks. Body kick from Silva and almost stumbles off that.

Another body kick for Silva. Right hand for Tavares. Body kick for Tavares. Left and a right hand for Tavares.

Silva just misses on a front kick upstairs. left hand for Silva. Right hand for Tavares. Jab from Tavares. Another body kick for him.

Silva misses on an uppercut but lands a right hand and Tavares fires back. Tavares with a one-two, but gets countered by a hook that seems to trouble him as he tries to back off under fire.

Silva with a right hand. Into the clinch now and Silva lands a knee upstairs and then a hard straight right that floors him. Tavares still has his senses though as Silva looks to follow-up, but before he can really let his hands go the ref rushes in to end the fight.

Tavares protests but the decision has been made and so it’s Silva who emerges with a TKO victory at 3.35mins of the first round.

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