Bryan Barberena Bests Matt Brown By Split Decision At UFC On ESPN 33

Bryan Barberena earned a split decision win over Matt Brown tonight at UFC On ESPN 33 in a gusty back-and-forth battle.

Round One:

A couple of punches and a leg kick from Barberena. Another leg kick from him. Brown throws hard but comes up short.

Leg kicks to the inside and outside from Barberena. Stiff left hand from Brown. Barberena with a short flurry in close.

Foot sweep from Brown takes Barberena off his feet for a moment. He gets back up, but finds himself being presses into the cage by Brown. Barberena able to reverse the position, but then Brown is able to get the body lock and work a takedown.

Brown in side control. Barberena gets to his knees and tries to stand, but Brown stays on him and is trying to work around to his back.

Barberena with a bunch of short slapping punches while still on his knees and then is able to work back up to his feet.

Superman punch from Brown. Crushing body kick from Brown. Now he steps into an elbow strike that doesn’t quite land. Brown presses forward with purpose. Both just missing with punches. Short left hand for Brown. Jab from Barberena.

Barberena steps into a nice punch. Clinch position now and Brown lands a trip takedown. Barberena straight back up and they battle at close range. Barberena lands a hard elbow strike and Brown also clips him with a punch. Brown with some blood to his left cheek as the round ends.

Round Two:

Low leg kick from Barberena. Barberena complains about a potential groin strike, but the action continues. Another punishing body kick from Brown.

Right hand from Barberena. Body kick to the other side from Brown, but not nearly the same power as the earlier one.

Leg kicks from Barberena. Brown lands a takedown close to the cage. Brown quickly moving up toward mount, but doesn’t get their and Barberena is able to stand back up.

Brown still in the clinch and firing off some elbows. Barberena firing back now. Brown steps back, takes a deep breath and wades back in. He pumps out the jab.

Heavy elbow from Barberena seems to trouble Brown. Barberena with a flurry. Brown does well to move in and lands a takedown.

They scramble and Brown ends up too high on Barberena’s back and attempts an armbar from a somewhat awkward spot. Barberena patient and then starts to work up to his feet.

Brown with some deep breaths now. Barberena trying to put him in more trouble with punches. Short punch from Brown lands nicely though. Barberena back on the offensive in the final seconds and Brown looks the worse for wear as they go back to their corners.

Round Three:

Two hard body kicks from Brown. Barberena with a few jabs. Brown pressing forward pumping out the jab. Good punch from his and then rips to the body. Barberena lands a counter in response. Leg kick from Barberena and Brown lands a punch in response.

Brown clinches and lands a knee to the body. Elbow from Barberena. A clinch again from Brown and lands a foot sweep takedown.

Barberena scoots over to the cage on his knees and then tries to stand. Brown greets him with an elbow as he does so. Brown shunts around to his back. Barberena back on one knee as Brown lands a few knees.

Barberena stands and lands a nice punch. Both men landing. They break apart, but then are straight back into striking range.

Space again and Brown lands a takedown. Barberena able to get up and lands a good elbow. Now an uppercut from Barberena and another one.

Brown lands a big punch. Barberena continues to throw heavy leather though. Both men tired but digging deep here and eating some meaty strikes along the way.

Final 30 seconds and they slug it out, landing hard punches. 10 seconds to go and Barberena barrels forward landing straight punches that wobble Brown’s legs. He continues to throw with everything he’s got as the round ends. Crazy fight.


What a wild and entertaining slugfest that was! Incredible heart and toughness shown from both men, but there can be only one winner and by split decision it’s Barberena who gets the nod (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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