Caio Borralho Submits Michal Oleksiejczuk In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 223

Caio Borralho earned his fourth victory in a row tonight at UFC Fight night 223 with a second round submission finish against Michal Oleksiejczuk.

Round One:

Oleksiejczuk with a big left hand that just misses. Body kick from Borralho. Now a leg kick from him. Oleksiejczuk with a body punch.

Borralho misses a jumping knee and Oleksiejczuk lands a punch. Borralho clinches up but they are soon back to striking range.

Oleksiejczuk throwing heat with every punch. He lands a left hand. leg kick from Borralho. He just misses with a hook.

Borralho ducks into a single-leg takedown attempt, but Oleksiejczuk gets free. Borralho clinches in the center of the Octagon, but Oleksiejczuk breaks free.

Right hook from Borralho. Borralho attempts a takedown and drives across the Octagon, but doesn’t land it.

Heavy punch lands from Oleksiejczuk. Borralho leaning back to avoid being hit a couple of times. Oleksiejczuk works into the clinch, but a knee lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it they go. Jumping knee from Borralho only just comes up short. One-two from Oleksiejczuk. He lands a left hand.

Now a right hook from Borralho. Cuffing right hook from Oleksiejczuk. Borralho into the clinch and throws a knee to the body. They spin around and break free.

Oleksiejczuk lunging forward with left and rights, but comes up short. Borralho targets the body. Borralho able to work around to Oleksiejczuk’s back and brings him down.

Oleksiejczuk on his kneees and tries to stand, but Borralho leans heavily on him and lands a few knees to the body in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Oleksiejczuk immediately pressing forward and throwing a flurry, but not quite finding the mark with anything meaningful.

leg kick for Borralho. Body punch from Oleksiejczuk. Borralho drives into a double-leg takedown and lands it. Smoothly done, but Oleksiejczuk pops back to his feet. Borralho immediately working on another takedown against the cage and lands it.

Borralho passes to mount, then is back to half-guard. A few punches to the head from Borralho. Now he’s worked around to the back and gets the body lock.

Still just under half the round remaining as Borralho manages to sink his arm under the chin of Oleksiejczuk and quickly afterwards he taps him out at 2.49mins of the second round!

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