Carlos Diego Ferreira Defeats Mairbek Taisumov By Decision At UFC 242

Carlos Diego Ferreira showed up in excellent shape tonight at UFC 242 and survived being rocked early by Mairbek Taisumov to then go on and beat him in the striking exchanges for the rest of the fight while keeping up a terrific pace to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Leg kick fro Taisumov is checked. Ferreira looking to take the initiative, but Taisumov lands a leg kick.

Ferreira moves forward and Taisumov starts letting the right hand fly.

Nice uppercut from Taisumov and Ferreira lands a punch on the counter. Again Taisumov tries for the uppercut but doesn’t land as cleanly.

Taisumov with a hard calf kick that takes Ferreira’s balance away for a moment. He tries for a head kick that’s blocked.

Ferreira lands a hook. Thunderous right hand from Taisumov and Ferreira’s legs buckle, but he recovers quickly and is back in the fight.

Ferreira tries for a kick, but eats a right hand. Ferreira with a left and then follows up with the right.

Ferreira just misses with an overhand and then feels out with a head kick, but it’s blocked and didn’t have anything behind it.

Ferreira connects with a right hand and marches forward as the round ends.

Round Two:

Ferreira with a push kick to start. Taisumov looking for a kick, but Ferreira greets him with punches. Ferreira keeping the pressure on and goes for a head kick that just grazes his opponent.

Taisumov throwing, but Ferreira lands a straight. They clinch up and Taisumov goes for a throw, but they are both back up quickly. Ferreira back into the clinch, but seems to bump his head into Taisumov and the ref warns him not to headbutt.

Back to it they go and Ferreira lands a crisp one-two. Good pressure being implemented here by Ferreira. He throws again, but this time taisumov counters well with punches.

Body kick from Ferreira. Right hand for him as he continually forces Taisumov backwards. Right hook for Ferreira and a jab lands in return.

Front kick to the body for Ferreira. Leg kick for him. Front kick for Ferreira. Taisumov tries for a sneaky punch, but it doesn’t land and Ferreira lands instead.

Left hand for Taisumov. Overhand right for Ferreira. spinning kick for Ferreira doesn’t land.

Round Three:

Body kick for Taisumov, but it’s caught by Ferreira who then launches into a jumping knee and a punch behind it.

Jab for Taisumov. Jab in return from Ferreira now. He tries for a head kick. Right hand for Ferreira then goes to the body and back upstairs.

Leg kick for Ferreira. Takedown attempt doesn’t pay off. Taisumov lands a couple of punches. He looks to exchange again, but Ferreira lands punches and a body kick.

One-two for Ferreira. Now a leg kick. And punch then a push kick. Ferreira showing a really good gas tank here.

Four-piece combo for Ferreira. Right hand connects for Taisumov. Kick upstairs from Ferreira at least partially lands, then more punches.

Nice left hand for Ferreira as he continues to put together a good volume of strikes in this final round.

Spinning kick to the body for Ferreira now. Jab for Taisumov. Left hook for him as Ferreira looks for more offense.

Ferreira with punches and a head kick behind it. Ferreira aborts on a jumping knee and Taisumov lands a right hand in the final 10 seconds, but the Brazilian continues throwing strikes until the final horn.


Terrific pace, pressure and sharpened striking from Ferreira here and that earns him a unanimous decision victory ().

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