Chris Curtis TKO’s Brendan Allen In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 31

Chris Curtis defied his underdog status tonight at UFC On ESPN 31 against Brendan Allen as he delivered a second round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Head kick attempt from Allen is blocked. A couple of punches land for Curtis as Allen was coming in. Allen goes for his first takedown attempt and lands it. Curtis immediately works back up and Allen takes his back, but then they break apart.

Back to striking range. Hard body punch from Curtis. Calf kick from Allen. Straight punches from Curtis. Allen with a volley of punches now and then a knee to the body.

Missed jab from Allen and Curtis lands one. Kick from Curtis. Body work from Curtis. Rangey jab from Allen and then a body kick.

Inside leg kicks from Curtis, tripling up on the technique. Allen leading with an elbow. Body kick for him. Jabs exchanged. Low calf kick for Allen.

Curtis threatens with a head kick and punches behind it. Allen in on a single leg then drops down for a leg lock attempt. Curtis trying to fend him off and then starts to stack up on top of Allen. Curtis ends the round on top.

Round Two:

Body kick from Allen. He lands an inside low kick and knocks Curtis off-balance to the mat for a moment.

Another leg kick fromm Allen. Flurry of punches from Curtis. Now a body punch from him. Body kick for Allen. Front kick to the midsection too.

Both men land a punch. Body punch from Curtis and a punch upstairs from Allen. Allen with a front kick to the body, but then eats a couple of punches upstairs.

Right hand for Allen. Hard body punch from Curtis and then blasts him with a hook upstairs that rocks him. Allen wobbles unsteadily, but stays upright.

Curtis gets the action over to the cage throwing punches, a knee to the body and then knees upstairs too sink Allen to the canvas, and that’s it, an upset TKO win for the underdog Curtis at 1.58mins of the second round!

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