Christos Giagos Beats Damir Hadzovic By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 153

Christos Giagos outworked, outstruck and outwrestled a labored looking Damir Hadzovic tonight at UFC Fight Night 153 in Sweden.

Round One:

leg kick for Giagos. Body kick for Hadzovic and a big one in return from Giagos. Leg kick for Giagos and then a takedown attempt, but Hadzovic blocks it.

Giagos with a couple of punches that don’t quite find the target cleanly. Overhand right from Giagos. Leg kick for him now.

Body kick for Giagos again, Hadzovic almost catches it, but then Giagos lands a big takedown in the center of the Octagon.

Elbow strikes to the head for Giagos. Hadzovic starting to get up, but has to watch the submission threat as he does so. However, Hadzovic scrambles and drives back to his feet.

Giagos back on another takedown and lands it. He settles into Hadzovic’s guard with a little over 90 seconds remaining in the round.

Giagos staying active on top without landing anything too big. Hadzovic onto his knees and stands back up with 10 seconds remaining.

Hadzovic trying to make something happen, but a knee strike and a missed punch are the best he can muster for now.

Round Two:

Overhand right for Giagos. Uppercut lands and troubles Hadzovic. Again Giagos unloads and he’s hurt him again. Giagos connects again then lands a takedown.

Hadzovic nicely scambles to his feet, but needs to get something going on the feet. Hadzovic looks tired, but is coming forward regardless. However, that just lets Giagos move in for another takedown.

Giagos taking Hadzovic’s back against the cage. Hadzovic turning and getting to his knees, but Giagos still has his back as he stands.

Hadzovic pees off Giagos hands and eats a punch as he backs away.

One-two for Giagos. Clean right hand off an uppercut. Front kick to the body for Hadzovic. Body kick for Giagos. Single-leg attempt from him doesn’t pay off this time.

Right hand for Giagos. Now an uppercut. Right hand for Hadzovic, but he’s tired. He does time a takedown though and lands it. He gets in an elbow to the head before the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Hadzovic, but eats a punch in return. Another kick for Hadzovic. leg kick for Giagos. Giagos gets a takedown with only a minute of the round gone.

Hadzovic pushes Giagos off and gets back up. Short punches for Hadzovic. straight ones now from Giagos. Another takedown attempt from Giagos and after having to readjust he drives him into the cage and brings him down.

Hadzovic able to stand working or a kimura. Giagos trying to run a single-leg. Nothing doing for now against the cage. He gives up on the attempt.

Right hand for Hadzovic. He tries for a knee. Giagos off-balance drops to the mat and Hadzovic works on top in his guard.

Limited activity from Hadzovic given that he’s likely behind on the scorecards here. His depleted cardio isn’t helping him here.

Hardly a punch thrown from Hadzovic here. Giagos getting back to his feet in the final seconds and Hadzovic throws a couple of strikes.


An easy fight for the judges to decide here with Giagos earning himself a unanimous decision victory (29-27 x2, 29-28).

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