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Conor McGregor Only Has Two Fights Left On His UFC Deal

Conor McGregor has revealed that he only has two fights left on his current UFC contract.

The revelation came as McGregor outlined is plan to hold a clean sweep on the UFC’s top 10 pay-per-views of all-time by the time his deal ends.

“I currently hold 8 of the UFC’s top 10 ppv’s,” McGregor stated on social media.  “With two fights left on my contract, I will look to finish with the full top 10 in ppv’s.”

McGregor went on to correct a fan who had looked up the stats and suggested that ‘The Notorious’ only had 7 of the top 10 at the moment.

“This list is incorrect,” McGregor informed the fan.  “McGregor Aldo done more than ufc 100, Brock v mir. And McGregor cowboy done more than McGregor Aldo. I currently hold 8 of the UFC’s top 10 ppv’s. With two fights left on my contract, I will look to finish with the full top 10 in ppv’s. Motivating!”

McGregor went on to predict that his comeback fight would break the 2 million pay-per-view barrier, though he didn’t say who it would be against.

“The comeback is 2mill shadow boxing,” McGregor wrote.  ” Easy. The one after that, who knows. I fancy rounding out the top 10 though to finish out my contract.”

Earlier in the week McGregor had hinted he might be sizing up a rematch with Nate Diaz, who he already had two blockbuster PPV’s with in the past, while you’d have to imagine that a fourth fight with Dustin Poirier is also on his mind.

However, the longer term question is whether McGregor will then choose to sign a new deal with the UFC, or if he might either seek to retire or pursue fights in the boxing ring instead.

For now though his biggest battle for the remainder of this year and at least a significant portion of 2022 will purely be to continue rehabbing the broken leg he suffered in his trilogy fight with Poirier.

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