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Conor McGregor’s Media Shutout Troubling UFC Brass

Despite Conor McGregor’s comeback fight against lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov having been announced some time ago, ‘The Notorious’ has so far been conspicious by his abscence as far as media goes – a far cry from the world tours that proceeded his other major fights against the likes of Jose Aldo and Floyd Mayweather Jr in recent years.

While White quickly ruled out a world tour on this occasion after the fight was first announced, it had been rumored that a press conference would likely to take place in early September, but at this stage there’s no sign of that being the case.

“It appears Conor McGregor is not expected to return to Las Vegas until mid to late September to finish up his camp for UFC 229 per @MeganOlivi,” Damon Martin wrote on Twitter yesterday.

“Still no word on a press conference or event featuring both Conor and Khabib.”

Meanwhile, The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has indicated that the UFC have become ‘frustated’ with McGregor’s lack of interest in promoting what they believe has the potential to be one of the biggest fights in history.

“The feeling is that this may be the biggest non-boxing PPV of all-time, and the only reason it wouldn’t be is that McGregor hasn’t been pushing it hard,” Meltzer wrote. “McGregor was able to get a larger piece of the action for this fight than any of his UFC fights to date, so there is a direct correlation more than ever between his work in promoting the fight and his pocket book, but this may also show that he knows he’s in a real fight and doesn’t want to break training.”

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