Corey Anderson Defeats Ilir Latifi By Decision At UFC 232

Corey Anderson earned a unanimous decision victory over Ilir Latifi at UFC 232 in California tonight.

Round One:

Anderson steps in with a straight punch and Latifi misses on his counters. Head kick attempt comes up short from Anderson.

Heavy leg kick from Latifi and Anderson stumbled a bit there from the power of that. Now punches from Latifi that are blocked and he goes back to the calf kick again.

In close Anderson just misses with a knee and Latifi goes in to a takedown attempt, but despite hoisting him up he can’t get him down.

Back to striking and Latifi lands hard punch that knocks out Anderson’s mouthpiece. he wades in looking for more offense, but the ref soon steps in to allow him to get it back in.

Lull in the action as they get back to it and then Latifi cracks Anderson with a two-piece combo.

Anderson pressing forward now, but Latifi lans a leg kick again. Anderson with an inside leg kick, but Latifi counters and lands a left hook.

Overhand from Anderson misses. Big punch from Latifi doesn’t quite land clean as he works for a takedown then abandons that.

Another hard calf kick for Latifi. Right hand from Anderson gets through. Anderson into the clinch off a jumping knee attempt. Latifi swings punches as he breaks of that but doesn’t hit the mark as the round ends.

Round Two:

Body kick for Anderson. Then another one. Right hand gets through for him now. Leg kick for latifi. Crushing right hand from Latifi, but Anderson took that one well.

Latifi in on another takedown against the cage, but Anderson defending for now. latifi chaining takedown attempts, but Anderson stuffs them well.

He gets away, but Latifi is in on another against the cage. Nothing doing again though. Anderson back to striking range and lands a body punch. Now a kick upstairs that’s blocked. Short flurry of strikes inside.

knee to the body from Anderson. Now a clipping right hand. Body kicks for Anderson. Latifi backing to the cage, but then charges forward with huge blows, but they don’t land and he starts to back up.

Body punch for Anderson. Latifi breathing hard now. Jab for Anderson and then back to the body with another punch.

Hook for Anderson and Latifi clinches. Anderson presses him to the cage though. Latifi looking to break and then lands a short right hand.

jab for Anderson and one for Latifi. Clinch and Anderson lands a left hook before the round ends.

Round Three:

Spinning back kick attempt from Anderson to start. He lands a jab. Head kick attempt from Anderson is blocked.

Body kick for Anderson as he keeps the pressure on. Now a front kick to the midsection. Glancing right hook from Latifi as Anderson presses forward.

Calf kick from Latifi. He attempts to clinch but it doesn’t last for long. Short right hook for Latifi from in close.

Latifi with another two-piece combo. Another one-two but this time with less power. Anderson with a head kick attempt that’s blocked and leaves him a little off-balance.

Body punch for Anderson. Jumping knee and a punch behind it from Anderson. Solid punch lands for Latifi. Spinning heel kick from latifi lands, but not hard enough to badly hurt Anderson.

Back to the calf kick for Latifi and then a flurry. One-two for Anderson. Body punch for Latifi. Hooks for Anderson. Latifi waves him forward, but the round is over before they get a chance to throw more bombs.


Anderson ate some big shots in this fight, but he never stopped attacking and his higher volume of strikes and energy levels helped earn him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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