Cynthia Calvillo Defeats Joanne Calderwood By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 113

A couple of key takedowns allowed Cynthia Calvillo to show off her superior ground game against Joanne Calderwood tonight at UFC Fight Night 113, and in an otherwise close fight that was enough to seal a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Calderwood feeling out with her lead leg. She lands a leg kick. Calvillo with a body punch as they settle into the contest.

Body kick from caldwerwood. Inside leg kick now. Brief lull and then another leg kick. Flashing hook from Calvillo just grazes Calderwood.

How long before Calvillo tries for a takedown? Low kick from Calderwood and Calvillo looks to retaliate. Lots of movement from Calvillo.

Calderwood checks a leg kick. Calvillo targest the body with a punch. Teep kick from Calderwood. Leg kick for Calvillo. Both ladies trading quick leg kicks. Calvillo just short with a one-two.

Finally Calvillo goes in for the takedown and is immediately taking Calderwood’s back. She’s hoping for a quick submission here, but Calderwood does well to turn and end up on top.

However, Calvillo is so crafty and is instantly working to go back on the offensive and in the final seconds of the round sets herself up for an armbar attempt. She can’t break JoJo’s grip before the end of the round though, but that was encouraging stuff from Calvillo in the final minute of the round.

Round Two:

Calvillo grinning mischeviously at Calderwood before the round and the Scottish fighter smiles back and fires up the crowd.

Calvillo back to utilizing lots of movement to start the second. They are both looking for kicks, but not committing too much to their attempts.

Calvillo lands a punch and then gets back out of range. Side kick attempt from Calvillo. Front kick upstairs misses from JoJo. Teep to the body.

Punch to the body from Calvillo. She lands a hook as Calderwood comes forward. Push kick to the head from Calderwood knocks Calvillo off-balance to the moment just for a moment.

Calderwood bleeding from her nose. She’s trying to threaten with kicks upstairs, but not finding the mark . Body kick for the Scottish fighter. Calvillo into the clinch, but Calderwood pushes her away.

Nice one two from Calvillo. She comes in again with her head down and lands a punch. Spinning elbow for Calderwood lands and the two high-five each other afterwards.

Solid body kick for Calderwood. Superman punch attempt from Calvillo. 40 seconds of the round remaining. Calderwood still flicking out kicks towards her opponent, but just keeping her opponent at bay more than anything.

leg kick for Calderwood and a right hand. Body kick for Calderwood and Calvillo with a flurry and lands a nice hook as the round comes to a conclusion.

Round Three:

Calderwood with a body kick. She pumps out the jab. Right hand for Calvillo. Another kick from Calderwood who still looks fresh despite missing weight yesterday.

Lots of probing kicks from Calderwood. leg kick for Calvillo. Now one from Calderwood. Calvillo into the clinch, but Calderwood brushes her aside. Calvillo would like to get this fight to the mat, but hasn’t been going all out for it since that big moment late in the first round.

Calderwood the busier of the two here witout actually managing too much. Nice left hand for Calvillo. She flurries forward and lands a leg kick behind punches.

Again Calvillo comes in, but Calderwood connects with a counter elbow. Nice kick upstairs from Calderwood, but doesn’t land hard enough to trouble her opponent.

Spinning kick to the body from Calderwood just misses. 90 seconds to go. Either fighter could still win this round with something big at this stage.

Final minute and both exchanging kicks. Nice one to the body from Calderwood. Finally Calvillo catches a kick and takes Calderwood down. That’s a huge moment for her and she quickly has Calderwood’s back as she did in the first. Calvillo hunting for the rear-naked choke and she’s tightening it up in the final seconds, but Calderwood survives and takes this one to the scorecards.


Close fight then, with Calvillo landing a couple of crucial takedowns late in both the first and third rounds and looked threatening with submission on both occasions, while Calderwood slightly edged the striking in-between times.

Overall it’s Calvillo who had the more meaningful moments and she emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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