Dana White Blasts Back At Bob Arum After He Branded UFC ‘Cowboys’

If you read the story about Bob Arum branding the UFC ‘Cowboys’ for their aggressive push to start putting on fights again in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic then you knew that it would only be a matter of time before Dana White blasted back at him, and sure enough, he’s now done just that.

“This kind of cowboy behavior doesn’t do anybody any good,” Arum had told BoxingScene.com recently. “We’re not gonna be cowboys, like Dana White. I don’t wanna get politics involved, but I have really very little respect for Dana and what he’s doing.”

Yesterday on the UFC Unfiltered podcast White didn’t hold back with his opinion on the boxing promoter.

“Listen, I think by now everybody realizes that Bob Arum is a d***head,” White fumed. “This guy has been talking s*** about the UFC and me for 20 years. He’s f***ing bankrupt this guy. He’s bankrupt. Of course you don’t want to put fights on. You can’t afford to put fights on you f***ing jackoff. You’ve been in this thing your whole life and have completely destroyed the business and the sport. Congratulations, Bob Arum. You’re brilliant.”

White and Arum have been trading insults for years, though the boxing promoter did briefly appear to be warming up to the idea of a cross promotion with the UFC earlier this year when he suggested staging two fights between WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford and UFC superstar Conor McGregor, with one bout being under MMA rules and then the other a boxing match.

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