Dana White Talks To Mike Tyson About Coronavirus And UFC 249

Dana White spoke about his gung-ho approach to dealing with the coronavirus crisis in a new interview with none other than Mike Tyson on his ‘Hotboxin’ podcast this week.

“Everybody is running and hiding,” White told Tyson. “I’m one of those guys that would rather get out there and find solutions. How do we figure this out? How do we beat this thing?

“Listen, if you are somebody that is a high risk, you should probably stay away and stay quarantined for a while, but what happens when flu season comes again next year? What’s gonna happen then?

“I think in a year or two, we’re gonna go ‘holy s–t,’ we shut down the whole world for this thing.”

Despite his skepticism about the way that the pandemic is being handled, White did however claim that he is abiding by the rules that have been laid down by the government.

“I’m looking at the positive side, just spending time with my family, hanging out at my house and doing things that I don’t normally get to do. I been working out like crazy. I’m gonna come out of this thing better than I went in.

“I’ve been a good boy. I’be been doing what I’ve been told to do. I’ve been locked in my house. Everybody is complying, so we’ll see how this thing plays out.”

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