Dana White Tests Positive For Covid; Follows Joe Rogan’s Treatment Method

Dana White has revealed that he caught Covid during Thanksgiving celebrations recently and he’s since sought UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s advice with regards to how best to treat it.

By the sounds of it White is already well over the worst of it, but revealed that he did lose his sense of taste and smell for a period of time.

“We just went up to my place in Maine, you know, for Thanksgiving,” White told Jim Rome on his show. “It’s tradition, we go up there every Thanksgiving and somebody up there had (COVID). And we get back and we all tested positive for COVID.

“Literally the whole family, and my family up in Maine, too. Other than that, everybody’s awesome.”

“We got back on Saturday. On Sunday… I cold plunge and steam every day so I get out of the cold plunge, I get in the steam and I sprayed a eucalyptus and I was like, ‘What the hell…’ I couldn’t smell anything.

“I open the bottle, I start sniffing the bottle of eucalyptus, and I’m like, ‘Yeah. I got no smell. You know what this means.’”

It was at that point that White immediately decided to get in touch with Rogan, who had himself tested positive for Covid earlier in the year, but had quickly fought it off after consulting with his own medical experts who recommended a series of treatments that some believed to be controversial.

“I literally got out of the steam, picked up my phone, and called Joe Rogan. I said, ‘Listen, I have no smell, which means I probably have no taste.’ He said, ‘As soon as you get up in the morning, get tested.’

“So I get up 9 o’clock Monday morning, get tested. I test positive. He said, ‘get monoclonal antibodies in you as soon as possible.’ So I did. By noon, I had the monoclonal antibodies in me. And then he told me to do an NAD drip. I did that right after.

“The next day… So Sunday at 8 o’clock at night, I have no taste and smell. I get up Tuesday, get ready to shave, cleaning my razor, I could smell the alcohol. My taste and smell were back by the next day at 11 o’clock in the morning. Then I took a dose of Ivermectin. Yesterday, I did a vitamin drip, and then today I’m doing another NAD drip.

“Could not feel better, feel like a million bucks. I’m doing two a day workouts, by the way, too, for the next ten days while I have COVID. I got my smell and taste back in less than 24 hours.”

While White and Rogan have had success using alternative methods, former UFC star Diego Sanchez has fared less well as he still remains in hospital battling serious complications from Covid including pneumonia and blood clots in both his legs.

Sanchez had taken Regeneron antibodies after falling ill with the virus, but despite initially feeling better his health soon went back downhill leading to his eventual hospitalization.

However, unlike Sanchez, White has revealed that he is actually fully vaccinated, which is proven to reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill.

“I’m vaccinated,” White said. “It’s not like I’m some, you know, crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorist or anything like that stuff. But Rogan is a very brilliant guy, very smart guy who talks to the best and the brightest out there. And I’m not a believer in the narrative.

“I’m not a big believer in the narrative, but at the end of the day, this is a free country. ‘Cause, what happens is when you get this stuff, they’ll tell you, ‘Stay home for the next ten days until you don’t test positive.’ That doesn’t seem smart to me.

“Just like when we went through COVID, I believe in finding solutions to problems. Rogan has worked with over 30 or 40 people that have done this and he swears by it. And he’s a good friend of mine that I’ve known for over 20 years.”

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