Dana White Updates Fighters On Plans To Start UFC Events On May 9th

Dana White has been making it clear that he intends to get the UFC back up and running again starting on May 9th and yesterday he spoke with fighters online in a Q&A style format to update them on what’s happening.

Firstly, White was keen to assure the fighters that they don’t have to fight if they don’t feel comfortable doing so during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He also stated that fighters who have had a fight cancelled recently will get first priority when it comes to getting new match-ups, but that his hope was to ensure that everybody on the roster would still be able to compete three times a year.

However, he stressed that even though it’s a difficult time he’s not keen on fighters taking catchweight fights and also said that though they would do their best to ensure they have cornermen, the athletes may be faced with tough decisions as to who can be with them.

White also went on to reveal that part of the reason he’s so confident that he can proceed with hosting events on a weekly basis starting from May 9th is that he knows things that the general public isn’t privy to yet thanks to being part of President Donald Trump’s task-force to reboot the U.S. economy.

The UFC President wasn’t able to give any confirmed details as to where the upcoming fights would take place, but he does appear to still be holding out hope that the UFC’s APEX facility in Las Vegas will be an important hub during this period and said he was going to be meeting with the governer of the state soon to discuss those plans further.

It was also reported yesterday that the UFC have officially filed for a ‘Fight Island’ trademark and during the Q&A White assured fighters that they won’t require a Visa to compete there due to it’s location in international waters.

Beyond that, much of what was said was news that White had already spoken about in previous interviews.

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