Daniel Cormier Braced For Bad News Regarding McGregor vs. Chandler

Daniel Cormier has claimed he’s worried about UFC 303’s headlining fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler after failing to get to the bottom of why their press conference in Dublin, Ireland yesterday was cancelled on less than a day’s notice.

“Start to brace yourself a little bit for disappointment,” Cormier said on his ESPN podcast with Chael Sonnen, ‘Good Guy / Bad Guy’.  “Dana White will argue and scream at the media, Dana White will give the media a hard time, Dana White has no problem letting the media down, you know who Dana White doesn’t like letting down, the fans.

“To me, it feels like this is a big deal. I have reached out to many in the organization to try and find out what happened, and when everyone is as tight-lipped as they are right now, to me that tells me it’s a little worrisome.”

However, Sonnen sees things differently and believes that perhaps it’s a sign that McGregor is getting mentally prepared to go to war in the Octagon against Chandler in June 29th.

“From what I have now, I kind of don’t agree with the speculation,” Sonnen said.

“Perhaps Conor McGregor for the first time ever is starting to focus. There’s one more clue, which is Conor didn’t just cancel the Ireland press conference, he canceled all media that’s already been agreed to leading up to this contest which makes me think, quite possibly our Irish star is starting to focus.”

So Sonnen believes the fight will still go ahead, but on the off-chance he’s wrong he admits that could signal the end of McGregor’s fighting career.

“This announcement is a lot bigger than what ends up coming, I think the fight’s going to be fine and we’ll get an explanation for the canceled media if that’s wrong, I don’t think there’s a cancelation or postponement of a fight, I think that would be the announcement of the end of a career,” Sonnen stated.

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