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Daniel Cormier Dreaming Of Money-Spinning Superfight With Brock Lesnar

UFC Light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier already has a superfight lined up against heavyweight titleholder Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 this summer, but he’s also dreaming of an even bigger match-up that could follow afterwards.

Its already been rumored that the winner of Cormier Vs Miocic could go on to fight Brock Lesnar at the end of the year, and if he was given that opportunity it sounds like DC would grab it with both hands.

“That thing never happens unless I get past Stipe, but just hearing out loud was like, oh my goodness,” Cormier told “Hey, I know that when I fight Jon Jones, I make a lot of money. I know that if I was to ever fight a Brock Lesnar, I’m going to make even more money than I’ve ever made in entire life. And ultimately, championships and money is why we do this. I don’t care for all the other stuff. I want to get paid. I’m almost 40, the door’s about to close on me, so why not ride out into the sunset with a massive payday? Truckloads of money. Back up Brinks truck to Gilroy, California if you fight Brock Lesnar, I’m telling you.

“He told me last time, right? When that thing broke that he was fighting at UFC 200, I said, ‘Big Brock, is it Christmas morning in the Cormier household?’ He goes, ‘Merry Christmas, DC. You’re welcome.’ That’s what he told me. He knows that the money’s coming. When he’s on your card or if you’re fighting against him, he knows that you’re getting paid.”

However, when it comes down to his legacy in the sport, it’s winning his next fight again Miocic to become a two-weight world champion that would have the greatest impact and he knows that only too well.

“That’s the biggest thing,” Cormier confirmed. “Ultimately I am a competitor and I’m about accomplishments, achievements, and being remembered. The curtain’s coming down on me. So all of this, and all the stuff that I do all of the time, that’s all going to be gone. All that’s going to be left are the memories of what I did, and if I can accomplish something on July 7th, those memories will last for a real long time. So ultimately that’s the goal. Everything else will be fine.”

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