Daniel Rodriguez Accepts Fighting At 185lbs After Kelvin Gastelum Weight Cut Woes

Kelvin Gastelum is no stranger to having weight cutting issues at welterweight and it’s happened again ahead of his fight with Daniel Rodriguez this coming Saturday night at UFC On ABC 6 in Saudi Arabia.

“The matchmakers reached out and I tried to get it to a catchweight, but he must be having such a bad fight camp that he can’t even make 180,” Rodriguez stated during today’s UFC On ABC 6 media day. “I’m currently 179 pounds, so I have to put weight back on.

“It’s been 13 weeks since I found out about this fight. I’m sure he has, too. So the fact that he’s saying that he’s having a bad fight camp (for the weight cut) makes no sense. I feel like it’s lack of discipline. I don’t know if he’s having a bad fight camp or he’s just being lazy and doesn’t want to make the weight.”

Gastelum had earlier confirmed that he was struggling to make the welterweight limit, despite having successfully done so back in December for a fight against Sean Brady that he convincingly lost by unanimous decision.

“To be honest, this has been a pretty hard training camp,” Gastelum told the assembled media earlier today. “There’s a lot of things that went on behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t know, don’t get to see, but it’s been pretty hard to get my weight down and get down to weight this time around – harder than last time.

“… I am pretty worried this week, but we’re going to talk with the manager and come up with the best game plan. But, I think we’re in for a rough weight cut.”

Rodriguez isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of having to fight at a different weight-class, but he felt he had no choice since he’s coming off back-to-back losses.

“I already agreed to 185,” Rodriguez said. “I’m so invested in this fight. It put me in a really tough spot. I need this fight to happen. It’s been such a long fight camp and I did agree to take a percentage of his purse, which is only fair.

“I just felt like 180 would have been a good weight, but it’s not my first time coming through for the company, and I want the UFC to know that I’m that guy that’s going to make the sacrifices even if it’s not in my favor. … In the sense of being a professional, I feel like I lost a little respect for the guy.”

Gastelum was infamous for failing to make weight multiple times during his initial 170lb run in the UFC. It got bad enough that the UFC actually banished him from the division, leaving him to compete for over 7 years at 185lbs.

However, a dismal run of form that saw him win just twice in 7 fights led to him being given another chance at welterweight. It’s only taken him two fights to run into trouble again with his weight though, and given that he had already acknowledged earlier this week that his job could be on the line if he doesn’t win on Saturday, there’s now even more pressure on him to perform.

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