Diego Lopes Beats Dan Ige By Decision At UFC 303

Diego Lopes got the better of a competitive UFC 303 co-main event with ultr-late replacement Dan Ige tonight that was put together on just four hours notice after Brian Ortega pulled out due to being ill.

Round One:

Low kick for Lopes. Ige presses forward but Lopes fires off knees and punches in response.

Ige swings and misses on a hook wildly and Lopes presses forward looking for strikes on the counter.

Calf kick for Ige while ducking under a counter punch. Lopes with a series of hooks. Nice uppercut to the body from him.

Calf kick for Lopes. A couple of punches land for him. Body punch from Ige, but then gets caught by a right hand counter from Lopes.

Jumping knee misses from lopes, but then lands and throws punches. Head kick attempt comes off Ige’s guard.

Right hand from Lopes. Now Ige steps in with a right hand. At close range Lopes lands an elbow.

Calf kick for Lopes, but then Ige lands a takedown. Lopes immediately trying to work for submission opportunities. He rolls on top and tries for a d’arce choke. Not long left in the round remaining though and Ige survives.

Round Two:

Jab lands for Ige. Calf kick for Lopes. Body punch from Ige is met with a counter punch from Lopes.

Right hand from Ige. Calf kicks exchanged. Lopes lands another. Head kick from Ige lands, but Lopes eats it and then takes him down.

Lopes works around to the back and stays on as Ige stands. Ige rolls to the mat trying to get him off, but Lopes stays on him and gets his body triangle locked in.

Ige rolls onto his knees for a moment, then back again. Light punches from Ige. Lopes trying to find a way to get the rear-naked choke going, but Ige’s defense is making that easier said than done.

Ige blasts Lopes with a few punches behind him that landed well. Final 10 seconds and Lopes is working on an armbar, but Ige manages to survive again.

Round Three:

Ige trying to press the action. He throws a hook. Now a right hand. Jab for Lopes. Right hand connects from Ige.

Inside leg kick from Ige. Now to the body. Leg kick from Lopes disrupted Ige’s balance for a moment. Lopes gets into the clinch working for a takedown but Ige prevents it.

Ige still pressing the action now and lands a good punch. Another clean left scores for Ige. Lopes goes in on a takedown and has to work to complete it. Ige able to get over to the cage and stay upright as Lopes tries to get to his back.

Lopes falls off looking a bit tired and Ige gets on top looking for punches. Nice left hand for Ige. Lopes closes up his guard. Ige with a hammerfist. A couple of more left hands for him.

Final 30 seconds. Solid series of left hooks from Ige. Ige stands up and is threatened by upkicks from Lopes. We’re going to the scorecards.


Credit to both fighters for taking this fight on literally a few hours notice and it’s Diego Lopes who emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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