Doctor Casts Doubt On Conor McGregor’s Stress Fracture Claims

Conor McGregor stated last week that he had ‘multiple stress fractures’ prior to the fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 that broke his leg, and even posted photos of pre-fight MRI scans, but after analysing that, a doctor has cast doubt on the superstar’s claims.

“Just Zoomed in MRI from Conor post,” Dr. David Abbasi wrote on Twitter. “Its an ANKLE MRI. No stress injury to tibia where broke bones. This would not even be the study to look for that

MRI shows contusion/bruising to ankle joint (lower),appears unrelated to his break BASED ON THIS VIEW #ConorMcGregor.”

Dr Abbasi, an orthopedic sports surgeon, also released a follow-up video in which he went into more detail regarding his own findings on the matter.

“The problem is, when you zoom in on that MRI — which I did — there’s no evidence of any stress reaction or stress fracture to the lower leg, where he in fact did have a fracture,” Dr. Abassi stated. “It does look like there’s a little bit of signal at the ankle joint — which is lower than where he sustained that fracture — and some tendonitis.”

“If we were concerned about that from a symptomatic standpoint, we would’ve ordered a leg MRI, not this ankle MRI. Because the leg MRI would be more suitable for that location. We always want to look specifically at the location where we’re concerned.

This MRI would have no correlation to the injuries that he sustained on that night.”

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