Dominick Reyes TKO’s Dustin Jacoby In Opening Round At UFC On ESPN 57

Dominick Reyes finally got a win under his belt tonight at UFC On ESPN 57, matching Dustin Jacoby’s early aggression to deliver an opening round TKO finish.

Round One:

Body kick for Reyes. Jacoby misses on a leg kick attempt. Now Jacoby does land a calf kick and Reyes responds with punches. Low kick for Reyes and Jacoby lands his too.

Reyes with an inside leg kick. Now one to the body. Jacoby presses forward but Reyes lands a left hand. Solid leg kick for Jacoby and then does it again.

Inside leg kick for Jacoby. Pressure from Jacoby. He lands a straight right. Now hooks from Jacoby as he comes in aggressively on the attack.

Reyes backed up against the cage, but he steels himself and launches a big counter punch that suddenly has Jacoby hurt and hitting reverse gear.

Reyes realizes it and presses forward while landing a couple of clean straight lefts and then connects with a big knee upstairs that sits Jacoby down.

Jacoby woozily getting back to his feet but under fire as Reyes hammers away with more punches and the ref’s seen enough and steps in to wave the fight off, just as Jacoby staggers and falls to the canvas at the two-minute mark in the opening round.

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