Donald Cerrone Submits Mike Perry In First Round At UFC Fight Night 139

Donald Cerrone settled his feud with Mike Perry in style tonight at UFC Fight Night 139, finishing him with an armbar submission late in the first round.

Round One:

Low leg kick from Perry to start. They clinch up and cerrone lands a knee. They exchange knees. Nice right hook from Cerrone as they separate.

Perry throws out the jab. Hard leg kick for Cerrone. Nice jab from Cerrone. Cerrone thinks about a takedown attempt and then backs out of it. Perry just misses with a big punch.

Cerrone thinking about the takedown again, but Perry is wise to it. Into the clinch in the center of the cage, but not much doing there.

Perry punches to the body. Leg kick for Cerrone. Cerrone moving on the takedown, but Perry denies that and then goes for a takedown of his own and manages to land it.

Cerrone rolls onto his knees and then very nicely reverses position. Side control for Cerrone. Perry gives up his back and Cerrone steps in. Cerrone starts working for an armbar, but Perry gets out of that and ends up on top. However, CErrone immediately throws up a triangle attempt.

Perry out of that, but before he can get any offense going of his own Cerrone switches up for another armbar attempt. Perry picks him up and tries to slam him, but ‘Cowboy’ is having none of it and stays firmly locked onto the armbar, belly down.

Perry moves to try to escape but he’s not getting out of this vice-grip and is forced to tap out! Cerrone wins by submission with 4.46mins on the clock and in doing so racks up the most wins and most finishes in UFC history.

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